Putting Together a Coupon Trip

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How I Put Together a Coupon Trip

How to Put Together a Coupon Trip - FILots of people say “teach me how to coupon” or “I don’t know where I begin.” I thought it might be helpful to run you through how I put a coupon trip together each and every week. I’ll tell you right from the start that I’m a spreadsheet person. I’m not going to get into all the nitty gritty on inputting my trips on spreadsheets. That would be for another post, but whether you type your lists or hand-write them, the steps I take would be pretty much the same. So when I say “put that on my spreadsheet,” just know that you can also write them, if you prefer.

First Things First for My Coupon Trip

First of all, the store matchups. As soon as they’re ready on our website, I give them the once-over. Obviously, since I do them, I know when they’re ready, but I will also post them on our site and in our Red Hot Coupons group & Facebook pages when they’re done so you’ll know too. I peruse the list to see what I might like to get. I then put those items in my spreadsheet and reference where I’ll find the coupon.

Next, I go to the coupon source. If it’s a printable coupon I need for my coupon trip, I print it right then and there (or 2 or 4; whatever I need). If it’s an insert coupon, I go to the insert to make sure I have it. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have a coupon and finding out you don’t once your trip is all laid out. If I don’t have what I need, I check Wiz Clipz for it, making sure it has enough time to be delivered by the Post Office. Another reason to start working on your upcoming coupon trip as soon as you can.

How to Put Together a Coupon Trip - Caddy

If I think there’s a coupon out there that the matchup isn’t telling me about, I check a Coupon Database. It happens. Sometimes a coupon comes out after the matchup is done. It never hurts to check and only takes a minute. Once I have all my coupons for my deals, I put them in my little coupon caddy (see above) that I carry in my purse. You could also use folders, or envelopes, or anything that works for you. Before my handy dandy coupon caddy, I had envelopes marked “Upcoming Publix Trip,” “Upcoming Target Trip,” etc. Do whatever works for you, as long as you don’t lose them!

Add Other Deals throughout the Week

Throughout the week, if I hear of another deal I could do, I check it out, add it to my spreadsheet if I want to do it & locate the coupons. By the time I’m ready to shop, all my deals are laid out and the coupons clipped. All I have to do is print out my list and go.

There are other little nuances I do that I can explain in different posts. I just wanted to give you a quick synopsis of what I do every week. If you’re new to the couponing game, try it my way for a little while. Tweak it each week until you have it the way that fits you best and before you know it, you’ll be a pro at putting together a coupon trip yourself. Make sure to follow all the Facebook pages.

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  1. Pretty much how I do it also. I just hate when i get to the store and they are out of stock 🙁

  2. I really love your spreadsheet that I had gotten a long while ago. It helps me so much! I was going to make one myself but yours was so well put together and simple that is is so quick and easy!

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