Rakes and Leaf Blowers

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Rakes and Leaf Blowers

The picturesque colors of Autumn leaves turn into a chore once they fall from their trees. From time to time we have to consider if we need to replace our old rakes and leaf blowers, so are you still using wood handles and splintering your hands? Whether your new to gardening and looking to buy new rakes and leaf blowers or replace your existing rakes and leaf blowers, how do you know which is best for you with the new equipment to choose from? A leaf blower is the best way to handle large volumes of leaves versus rakes for two reasons; the first of course is it saves time, the second is that you don’t risk damaging tender young growth of tender baby plants coming out for winter bloom.

I have both rakes & leaf blowers and use for different reasons. The rakes & leaf blowers are used simultaneously in my yard because I know whats under my shrubs so I’m safe using a rake to pull the leaves into the main yard, I don’t always like lifting shrubs in fear of spiders. It does not always pay to buy neither the cheapest nor the most expensive when buying rakes & leaf blowers. However, it does need a prior study before you purchase, like reading Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac Review or like ones. When you do purchase a blower just remember it takes a lot of energy to lift and move wet leaves; the little blowers just can’t handle the volume, the blowers that mulch could choke on a big pile of leaves.

Note: If considering hand held blowers according to consumeraffairs.com handheld blowers, especially the electric models, are relatively lightweight. The best electric handheld blowers continue to outperform their gas-engine counterparts for less money. That also makes them a logical choice if your arms are weak or tire easily. But handheld models are not up to sweeping a large area or sucking up a large pile of leaves.

The Black & Decker LH5000 has a 12 AMP variable speed motors. This three-in-one blower, vacuum and mulcher keep your yard free of debris. Blow speed up to 240 mph 385 CFM air volume. Inclusive: Tube with LeafBlaster nozzle, vacuum attachment with tube, zipper-less leaf bag, adjustable shoulder strap and concentrator.

If you prefer the good old fashion way of raking or just want your kids to have the exposure of fall fun raking the leaves before Fiskars leaf rakemulching. Fiskar’s 9660 24″ leaf Rake is ideal for raking large areas. There is extra wide tines & gentle curve that help prevent leaf clogging. Fiskar’s has been developing ergonomically safe garden, this rake has an extra long handle that helps improve posture for reducing back fatigue and the teardrop-shaped handle gives ergonomic comfort.

Mesh Gutter Leaf Guard

To help keep gutters clear of leaves you could install Mesh Gutter Leaf Guards allowing rain water to drain. Keeps the rainwater flowing freely off your roof and down the downspout with gutter leaf guards. Even maple tree “helicopters” and pine needles will stay out of your gutters with this gutter protection.

Heat cables will prevent ice dams in gutter your gutters. For our Northern friends that have problems with snow building up on the roof tops this can pose a danger to not just the house but the foundation of the house as well. While taking the precautions to clean out your gutters this is a great time to install heat cables that will melt the snow and let it drain through the gutters.


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