Recipe Box

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Part of living a frugal lifestyle is stretching your grocery budget as far as you can.  While many people focus on doing this in the stores, it’s no secret that you can save just as much on the back end of your purchases once you get them home.  In fact, by planning your meals and knowing your recipes, you can make a more effective shopping list.  By knowing what to buy in bulk and store in the freezer, you can stockpile meats and save big over the course of the year.  This section of The Coupon Wizards is aptly named the Recipe Box because it truly represents a cross section of who we are.  Each of the admins has picked some of their favorite recipes to share with you.  Not only are these recipes tasty, they are relatively inexpensive to make.  If you are not a gourmet chef, there is no need to worry!  We have a recipe for everybody!  This page is extremely easy to navigate.  Simply click on the button for the item that interests you and you will be taken to that “section” of our recipe box.  All of the beef recipes are grouped together.  All of the appetizers are grouped together.  Even if you are interested in crock pot meals or freezer meals, we have recipes and meal plans for those as well!

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