Old Crocs in Your Garden for Plants

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Gardening with Your Old Crocs

old crocs

What a beautiful day which only means one thing – time to get in the garden and turn my old Crocs into adorable planters. I had plenty of flowers overflowing in pots needing to be thinned out and today was the perfect day.

While cleaning under the work bench, I came across four Crocs that make adorable planters you can hang from a chair, a fence or even just sit them flat in your garden. I always hang a couple from two metal chairs that have loops to hook into.

This project is quick, easy, and absolutely kid friendly. These Croc planters make great gifts for Mom, grandma, maybe a teacher or friends who love to garden. Last year I had flower crocs I hung from backs of chairs during 4th of July’s party and used them as party favors for each guest to take home. Crocs are readily available at garage sales and thrift stores.

Kids Can “Plant” Them Too

I’m going to illustrate how you can teach your children how to plant inside the old Crocs without losing soil while watering and having unique planters to give away or keep. By using landscape fabric, it keeps the soil in, but lets the excess water drip out. When watering these shoes, it is important to water lightly with shoe flat and tilted so that the water drains down. Do this until you see it drip from the toes. That ensures it gets plenty of water.

Old Crocs Planter Supplies:filling-croc
  • Crocs – Quantity your choice.
  • Landscape fabric.
  • Pre-moistened soil (not dripping with water).
  • Small plants that do not get more than 6″ tall.

old CrocsCut a piece of landscape fabric, about a 12” x 12” and fold like you are going to make an airplane. Place the pointed side of fabric into the Croc and open with a small shovel (pictured on right) where you can slide moist soil a little at a time down the shovel, packing tightly as you go.  Before you get to the the top of the shoe you will want to stop, take the shovel out and place your flower inside (if your flower is root bound, tear or cut the bottom inch off), the roots need be submerged into the shoe. Pack the rest of the shoe with soil and you have an adorable accent for any garden.  Note: Trim excess landscape fabric around edges of shoes.

Happy Gardening ~ Gale

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