Library – Remember Those?

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Remember the Library?

the libraryI grew up in a town with a beautiful library. I remember going after school, on the weekends, even during the summer I’d volunteer to read at story time for younger kids.  This is coming from a definite bookworm. We are all about the electronic (me included) downloads and eBooks, but have you thought about your local libraries lately? Do your children even know where they are?

I made a point to join our local library shortly after we moved last summer. I knew they had story times for both younger and older toddlers and since I didn’t know anyone, I had nothing better to do while waiting for the baby to arrive.

There’s Tons of Stuff in a Library

I never knew how much stuff was in there. Yes they have books, and movies, and magazines, but what you may or may not have known is that they have such great programs for tons of local activities and events. At our library we can get passes for free admissions to museums, local zoos, even discount passes to visit national hot spots such as the Mystic Aquarium or Mystic Seaport. I never would have known that if I didn’t join. Now we can take a trip there and save $20 on admission between all of us.

Plus Books, Of Course!

Don’t forget about the books! Books are FREE from the library! Most also rent DVDs for $1. That may be the same as Redbox, but you’re getting it for more than a day from here as well. If you only plan on reading a book once, see if your library has it before buying or downloading it.

Most libraries offer get togethers for children during school breaks, summer programs, and numerous other times. The best part? They are all FREE! How much more frugal can you get by finding wonderful, interactive things to do with your kids and your family than by joining your local library?


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