Getting Organized

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If you have started from the beginning and worked this site from left to right, your head is probably spinning. Now you need to get organized. Before you continue to the next pages, you should probably take a break from staring at the computer and clear your head because the next few tabs are going to be paramount to your couponing success; not just from a savings point of view, but also efficiency.

You understand couponing and you have decided to make the lifestyle shift.  You know what a coupon is and that it cannot put a store or a manufacturer out of business.  You have started buying your Sunday papers in multiples of 2 and you go on the internet daily and print out 2 of every coupon you need from each computer in your home.  You have filled out rebate forms and online requests and you have coupons coming to your email box and home mailbox daily.   As you walk in the door from a very successful shopping trip you realize that your home has been overtaken by coupons and the question becomes:  What the heck am I supposed to do with this mess?

Beginning on the next page, we will walk you through that process!

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