Loose Coupons and Internet Printables

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One of the things that can become extremely annoying about couponing is the clutter that you can develop in your home.  Loose coupons and internet printable coupons can become a real sore spot.  I wish I could tell you that there was an easy fix, but there really isn’t.  The method that we use seems to work the best for us, but it still requires some effort.

I have a large expand-a-file that I use to store and organize all of my printed and already cut coupons.  My file has tabs at the top that will allow me to label them, however, there aren’t enough labels to break the coupons down by specific categories.  I have the tabs on my file labeled by the departments in the store: Grocery, General Merchandise/HBA, Dairy, Frozen Food and Meat.  I then have white envelopes that are labeled with the sub-category for specific aisles in that section of the store.  My grocery tab contains envelopes labeled: Juice and Crackers, Baking, Soft Drinks, Canned Vegetables, Pasta and Sauces, Ethnic, Snaks, etc.  I have them set up by the aisles of the store I shop in.  Under General Merchandise I have Oral Care, Personal Care, Medicines, Diapers, Formula, Paper Products, Kitchen, Laundry, Candles/Air Fresheners, etc.  I am sure that by now, you get the point.  You may not want to have as many envelopes, you may want more.  It just depends on how many coupons you have of any specific category.  The other tabs I mentioned are self explanatory.  While we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, it is easy to see that the reason we file this way is to make it easier to find our coupons when we sit down to plan our shopping lists.  Because these coupons are cut from different ads or printed from different places on the internet, the best way to sort them is by category and sub-category.  This way, I know exactly where to find any given coupon when I need it for my trip.  Certainly we don’t advocate cutting all of your coupons and then filing them, but there are times that you may cut coupons for a trip only to find out that the store is out-of-stock on that item.  Now you have a safe place to keep that coupon with the ability to easily locate it when the time comes for you to use it.


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