Where Do I Find Coupons?

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Coupons can be found in a variety of places.  The more places you look, the more coupons you will find.  Sounds simple, right?  Not so much.  Sites like this one will make it easy for you use the coupons once you have already obtained them, but that is less than half the battle.  You can’t use what you don’t have.

The most obvious place that you can look for coupons is in your Sunday paper.  The Sunday Paper typically has at least two coupon inserts.  However, there can be as many as 5 and as few a 0 depending on the time of year.  Knowing what inserts you are supposed to have in your paper is the key.  Of course, the coupons that are in the paper do vary by geography, so your coupons may not be the same as someone in a different state or even a different part of your city.  Also, as mentioned in other posts, if your city has more than one paper, the coupons between the two papers may vary.  For purposes of this post, the inserts that you will typically see in your Sunday paper are:

Smart Source

Red Plum

General Mills

Proctor and Gamble

In addition to the coupons that are in the paper, you will also find coupons online at a variety of places.  If you have not printed coupons online in the past, it is worth knowing that you will be required to install special software on your computer that allows you to print the coupons in the proper format.  There are sites that are dedicated to coupons that have their own software.  To our knowledge, there are three different platforms that these coupons are printed on: Smart Source, Red Plum and Coupon Network.  They each have unique software, so you will need to install each.  The most common places that you can find coupons on the internet are listed here:


In addition to these staples, there are also tons of coupons to be found on the websites and Facebook Fan Pages of all of the major manufacturers.  In addition to actively seeking these brands out, the first time you are on their website, you can sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter.  We realize that this may seem like a lot of SPAM coming into your mailbox, but it has been our experience that the coupons sent by manufacturers via email are some of the best high value coupons you will find.

Another place to check would be the specific Store pages on our site to find out if your store has a savings card or store specific coupons.