Revamp Your Closet For Free

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Revamp Your Closet

Revamp Your Closet

Revamp your closet for free, get together with girlfriends, snacks, drinks, fun music and maybe a fashion show? My friends and I have this special girls day get together 1-2 times a year and we have a great time every time.

What We Do When We Get Together
  • We clean out our closets out, including clothes, jewelry, hand bags, tote bags, belts, shoes, kitchen cabinets and drawers for gadgets, dishes or appliances we don’t want, kids clothes and toys no longer used or needed and any other space we can think of including makeup, bedding, animal collars and leashes, etc.
  • We each bring a dish to share and maybe a bottle of wine…. or 2.
  • We go through one person’s “donations” at a time to control the mess. It doesn’t matter if you have children, what size you wear or if you even cook. There is usually something for everyone.
  • Anything and everything left over gets donated.
  • We keep things fun and informal.

Now this can get really fun when too many of us want the same item so we do different things like the short straw gets the prize, the owner picks a number and the one closest wins or we’ll use a deck of cards and the high card wins. At the end of it all we’ve had a great time, laughed a lot, ate some great food and maybe gained a ‘new’ handbag, set of towels or possibly even some new pillows for our couch. You’ll sometimes hear, this won’t work to revamp your closet, it will add to it, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Rarely do we come home with as much as we brought so our closets and cabinets are a little lighter, we’ve helped each other by sharing and we’ve donated to our churches or women’s shelters.

How to get started to Revamp Your Closet

Talk to your friends and neighbors and make a plan to get together a month from the time you’ve all talked. Sending an email to everyone is efficient. This gives you plenty of time to purge your homes. Ask someone to volunteer to send an email to everyone once every 6-8 months to set up another get together. You can take turns if you want to. Rotate locations. If you have a pool, offer to host the swap in the summer. If someone has a fire pit or Jacuzzi, ask them if they are willing host on a cool night, etc.

Be creative and have a great time. Happy swapping ~ Valerie

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