Talking Nerdy- Santa’s Little Helper App for Budgeting Christmas

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If you haven’t yet you should be budgeting for Christmas. It happens the same day every year so it should come as no surprise. I budget Christmas just like the rest of my bills. The key is to make sure I only spend what I put aside for it.

Christmas Budgeting App

Last year I found the Santa’s Little Helper app and loved it!!! I used it for tracking all of my Christmas shopping. This app is fantastic!!!

You can lay out the people you have on your list and how much you have budgeted for each. Within each person you can listthe gifts with prices as you plan them and mark them as purchased. The list can also be sorted by store so you can be sure to grab everything while you are there.


As you mark gifts as purchased or add the amount spend it will keep the running total on what you have left to spend on each person and as a total!

This app has a $0.99 version and a lite version that is free. The lite version is very limited on the amount of people it will track and the amount of purchases. I strongly advise downloading the free lite version to let you play in it a little bit and if you like it then download the full version.

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