Save Money on Your Satellite/Cable Bill the Wizardess Way!!!

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Save Money on Your Cable Bill

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Here’s a tip to save money for you! I know a lot of people watch lots of TV, but in our house that’s just not the case. There are, however, a few things on TV that I absolutely can’t do without! That’s my football, House, and Law & Order Special Victims Unit. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but did you know that you can put your satellite service into vacation mode? And it probably works with cable too! And did you further know that there’s this free online site called Hulu™? And for only $7.99 a month you can sign up for Hulu Plus™ and watch many of your favorite programs, just a few hours after they air. They also show a lot of the classics and tons of HD movies. As an added bonus, you can also put it into vacation mode and pull it back out when you’re ready to watch & pay again. Hulu Plus™ works on gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones, iPad, Touch, TV and more! Anywhere you have an internet or 3G connection. We hook my laptop up to our TV. Then I’m able to view my programming on our 60 incher. Couldn’t be easier!

Now here’s how you save money!

From Sept 1st – Feb 15th or so, our satellite service is in “pay mode” and we’re utilizing it. My Hulu Plus™ account goes into vacation mode for that same time period. Then around Feb 15th, we put the satellite into vacation mode and activate Hulu Plus™. I spend my summer TV time watching repeats of my favorite shows, some of the classics & movies. Because Hulu Plus™ also shows the old stuff, this summer I spent  my TV time watching the whole Ally McBeal series 🙂 We keep it this way until Sept. 1st rolls around again and we switch it back around.

Our satellite bill is around $140 per mo.($100/mo + $40/mo for the NFL Season Ticket; although I hear that part is going to be free this year, we’ll see). But we’re only paying that for 5 mos. The rest of the time, while it’s in vacation mode, we’re only paying $7.99 for our activated Hulu Plus™ account, allowing us to save money in those months. So I figure we save around $650 a year! If your family doesn’t watch a lot of TV either, the “Michele” plan just may be for you! To check out Hulu Plus™ go HERE. Even if you can’t live without all your channels for 5 months, you’ll still love Hulu Plus™! Sign up today, and you can try it for free for 7 days. What are you waiting for? GO SAVE!


  1. How do you request vacation mode from your satellite provider and is there an extra charge for that?

  2. I just ordered a sony box from 1SaleADay to let me stream onto my tv via my wireless router. I am not quite ready to get rid of cable, but this will allow me to test the streaming options available without losing my locked in price on my CATV. If I decide that I would rather stay with CATV, I will sell the box to a friend for what I paid for it and won’t lose a dime! …But, if I decide I do like the streaming better then it will be BYE BYE ($47.00 a month) CATV!!! 🙂

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  4. I’m lucky that our rent covers directv, electric, internet! never heard of vacation mode, thanks for the tip. if you have fast internet A LOT of popular shows are available right on the network websites the day after they show!

  5. A neighbors TV went out a few days ago and the cable company told her she could put it into vacation mode for $8 a month. Before this, neither of us have heard of it either. Also, just wanted to say thank you to all the coupon-wizards for all the great posts!

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    Thank you for this info. Makes so much sense. Definitely gonna check it out!! Thanks

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