Homemade Broth – Save Money Making Your Own

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Homemade Broth

homemade broth

Making Your Broth on a Budget

You will never go back to buying colored water in a box again once you make your own homemade broth the first time. As I clean veggies for recipes, I put the discarded parts aside. I mean EVERYTHING including summer/winter squash ends, potato, onion and garlic skin, tomato tops, eggplant skin EVERYTHING except the stickers on the veggies and I store it in the freezer in a gallon size baggie. I also add any veggies or fresh herbs getting close to turning bad and add them to the bags as well, until I fill 2-3 bags. When you’re ready to make broth…

  • Defrost, fill stock pot about 1/3 of the way with water, add a couple bay leaves, whole peppercorn, some garlic powder and any other herbs like thyme that you want.
  • Bring to a boil, add vegetables, bring back to a boil, reduce heat and simmer about an hour. Stir occasionally.
  • Turn off burner and let sit about 2 hours.
  • Strain through a large colander  and then strain the broth through a mesh strainer to catch the small stuff.
  • At this point you have an amazing and healthy fat free, homemade broth. While broth is still warm, I add a couple of Tbs of chicken Better Than Bullion. Do a little at a time until you have the flavor you want. Keep in mind your broth will never be the same twice because of the vegetables you use.

Storing Homemade Broth

I store it in 1 cup Ziploc containers and stack them in the freezer. Sounds like a hassle? It’s really not. The flavor is insane, you’re saving money and getting loads of nutrients. I pull out a cup at a time for sauces, rice, couscous, stuffing or several cups for soups, pot roast etc.

You can add chicken bones, but I choose not to, only because I toss the boiled vegetables in my garden for compost.  I cook boneless poultry more often than not so I never have enough bones to keep my broth stocked up.

Let me know what you think! ~Valerie


  1. I made 2 gallons of turkey broth from the turkey we had for thanksgiving dinner. Never thought to do all the veggies though. Thank you for the ideas. Keep them coming!

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