Saving for Success

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Saving for Success, Guest Post By Ashley Kaforey

saving for success

I struggled finding that perfect article for you all to read, as I have so many different hobbies & passions that I’d love to share. I figured what was best, since this is the beginning, is talking about where I came from before coupons to where I am now. I figured it’d be best for you all to know me, and know where my integrity lies.

In 2004, I became a mom to my very first little girl. I was young, scared, and alone. I thought for sure that I was going to struggle, and be able to provide the necessities, but not much else. I used to go to the grocery store, spend $200.00 on just staple things we needed to get buy. I’d buy all of our hair stuff, laundry soap, paper products, and LOTS of baby food. It was near impossible with my little $400.00 a week paycheck. I learned quickly that I needed a life changer in the budget category to make every dollar count.

Saving for Success with Coupons

In 2006, I started using coupons. Growing up, my dad was a single parent raising two girls, and he would always use coupons. I thought they were silly. At first glance, I used a few here and there. I was happy to save $10.00 off of a $200.00 order. I realized how much fun saving was after my very first shopping excursion where I sat down, looked at an ad, and made a matchup. I shaved half off my order, and thought instantly, how awesome would it be if I could shop for pennies to the dollar.

I found The Coupon Wizards not long after couponing became a very serious part of my life. I know it’s silly to say it’s serious, but believe me, it is. I have found that I can now work less, buy more, and still have extra money in the bank. I’m now happily engaged to the man of my life. We have three beautiful children, and we do pretty darn good! I’m one who started from scratch, and made couponing essential in budgeting. I am a believer that all things are possible. I know what it’s like to be a single parent, and essentially have nothing. I know what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet.

I feel I’d be a great asset to this website because it’s my favorite place for deals, because I am a realist, and because there’s so many people back where I began that I’d love to encourage further. I believe that I have what it takes, because I have passion and heart for helping others to climb out of this debt cyclone that has gotten so many of us. I assure every member of  The Coupon Wizards that I’m dedicated in providing the most, not only for myself, but for everyone else as well. I’m crafty, love to decorate, and have an eye for all things tasteful.


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