Shopkick – I Got 65 Kicks at the Mall Today

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Shopkick “Kicks”


Today I had to run to the mall to return some pants. When I walked in the mall I pulled up my Shopkick app and I got 25 kicks just for walking in! Then I had to go to Target and while I was there I pulled up my app and clicked on Target and then on Scans and there were two items (Fast Five DVD and a printer cartridge). I decided to look for the Fast Five DVD and when I found it I scanned the bar code with my phone and I got another 40 kicks! Not bad, earning rewards while shopping and it only took me an extra minute or two! I’m getting closer and closer to a nice gift card!

Did you know Shopkick is the #1 Shopping App used by more than 2 million people?! This app is a free application that is available on iPhone and Android smartphones. It is another way to save money and get great deals without hardly doing anything! Shopkick rewards you for simply walking into certain stores (with your phone) or for using your smartphone to scan items in the store. You can redeem your rewards (called “kickbucks”) for gift cards, Facebook credits, donations to charities, among others! You can earn 50 kicks right off the bat by entering promo code “utah10006“. *This must be entered within 24 hours of download or else it is no longer active* To enter the code go to the tab with your name on it and click on “Got a promo code.” You can download this free app from the App Store on Itunes or the Android Marketplace or you can click on this link HERE.

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