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Shopkick = Free Groceries

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Do you Shopkick? If you have a Smartphone, either Android or Apple, and you don’t already have this app, get it now, along with 50 pts to get you started, and start “Kickin.” I love this app. Just today I walked into Target for a few staples. When I opened up my app, to get my 30 walk-in kicks, it reminded me that I had 9,800 “kicks” available to get a gift card. Do you know how much a $25 Target gift card is? It’s 6,700. You guessed it! I “purchased” my gift card at the entrance, grabbed my groceries, and used it to pay for them. All with $5ish left to spare!

It couldn’t have come at a better time either. We’re living on a shoestring for the next couple weeks due to a move. Today I was able to get these things for FREE. Come to think of it, the last time we were short on funds I was able to get Target gift cards with this. If you haven’t started to use Shopkick yet, what are you waiting for? Start earning your kicks now so they can come in handy for you somewhere down the line.

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How do You Earn Kicks?

You earn, what they call “Kicks,” for walking into stores, scanning items they give you while in the store and they also tell you of special deals for Shopkickers while you’re shopping. Buy something? If your credit or debit card is linked, get Kicks! I’ve had Shopkick for about 3 years now and I’ve already earned and used five $5 Starbucks gift cards (1200 pts each) and four $25 Target ones (6700 pts ea), plus a couple $2 bonuses along the way.

There is actually a wide variety of things to save up for, but personally, the Starbucks & Target ones are my favorites. Also, every now & again they give you gift cards and easy walk-in kicks just for being a member. Below are the instructions for setting yourself up. Have fun and let us know what you’re saving up for!

Setting up Shopkick on your Smart Phone
  1. Sign up for the app by entering your mobile number after clicking on “Get It.”
  2. They will send you the link to download the app.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded it, click on Verify Link to accept the app & receive your bonus.
  4. Now you’re ready to use your new toy!

Happy Kicking!

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  1. stacey Copenhaver says

    do you have a credit card liked to shopkicks?

    • I used to have my debit card attached, but when I got a new one, I never linked it. If I remember correctly, you have to spend $50 before you get kicks. Being a couponer, I rarely spend that much at one time so I didn’t bother re-linking.

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