Shopkick Kicks – Easiest $25 Target Gift Card I’ve Ever Earned!

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Shopkick 25 Target Gift Card

My New $25 Gift Card

Do you Shopkick? If you have a Smartphone, either Android or Apple, and you don’t already have this app, it’s really easy to use and you’ll be surprised how quickly your points add up!

I’ve had Shopkick for over 2 years now and have gotten a bunch of Target & Starbucks gift cards. You only need 500 points to get a $2 Target one. In fact, I just turned in 6,500 points a couple weeks ago for a $25 Target gift card. Talk about easy money! There is actually a wide variety of things to save up for, but personally, the Starbucks & Target ones are my favorites. Plus, every now & again they give you gift cards just for being a member. Enable the  location service on your mobile device, and it will even tell you when you’re near a store that gives you kicks. Or not. That’s always your choice.

Where Do I Get My Shopkick Kicks?

Truth be told, even though there are tons of stores that participate in Shopkick, I mainly get all my Kicks at Target. Sometimes I’ll earn them at CVS or Walgreens, but Target is usually my go-to store. You can get kicks just for walking into participating stores, but if you have the time to scan items, the points really add up quick! If you live near, or go to a mall a lot, you’ll really hit the mother load! I go into Target at least 3 times a week to shop & check deals so that’s where I earn the bulk of my points. Signing up is easy:

Setting up Shopkick on your Smart Phone
  1. Sign up for the app by entering your mobile number after clicking on “Get It.”
  2. They will send you the link to download the app.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded it, click on Verify Link to accept the app & receive your bonus.
  4. Now you’re ready to use your new toy!

Happy Kicking!

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