Spring Cleaning Challenge Day Eight-Clean and Organize other Closets

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Day 8 of Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again-Spring! When the last of the fall leaves finally come off of my tree in the front yard, the flowers start to bloom, the birds are chirping, the days are longer, and hopefully it’s getting warmer. Well I guess here in Indiana I’m still waiting on the getting warmer part! Then comes the thought of Spring cleaning. A thought that I push way to the back of my mind, but it still creeps back to the front.

I definitely want to do a good Spring cleaning, but just wasn’t sure where to start and then Wham! There the answer was in my email box. Home Made Simple sent me the solution. A 30 day Spring cleaning plan. Home Made Simple is a company owned by Proctor and Gamble. Their website has recipes, organization, crafts, decorating, DIY projects and more!

Tuesday April 2, 2013-Day 8

Now that you have your own closet done, it’s time to clean out the other bedroom closets in your home. If you are cleaning out one of your kids closets, have them help too. If you have a smaller child you can have them help you put toys away that mysteriously ended up in their closet, or other small tasks. If you have an older child enlist their help in the decision making of what things to get rid of. If your kids are like my son, they will want to keep everything!!  

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you have a baby Home Made Simple has some great tips on organizing those baby clothes.  When I go through my son’s closet I make one pile that is for donating or to hold for a garage sale, and another pile for hand me downs for his cousins.

One way that I organize outfits in his closet is by using one of those hanging cubby organizers. It keeps everything neat and also has each outfit already laid out for the week. When he was little I used to put the outfits in for him. Now that he is older he makes his own “cubbies” as we call them.

Another problem we had when my son was little was those claw machines that have stuffed animals in them. We had to get a separate hanging organizer for all of them.  His Great-Grandma or my Mom would always give him money to play and of course he would win every time. I finally told him that for every one stuffed animal that he won, he had to get rid of one at home. He did this a couple of times and then didn’t really want to get rid of anymore. He came up with his own solution: Each time he won a stuffed animal he gave that animal to one of his cousins or friends, and yes I even got a hot pink elephant. He just liked playing the game. Sometimes our kids come up with great solutions too!

Day Seven Progress

How did cleaning out your bedroom closet and drawers go? I have to admit that I just did this about three weeks ago so this was one challenge I already had done. I had a nice pile to donate from my closet as well as my husband’s closet. I got sidetracked a little when I came across old photo albums in the top of my closet, but hey we all need a break once in a while. Haha!

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