Spring Cleaning Challenge Day Four-Cleaning the Baseboards and Trim

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Day Four Spring Cleaning Challenge

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It’s that time of year again-Spring! When the last of the fall leaves finally come off of my tree in the front yard, the flowers start to bloom, the birds are chirping, the days are longer, and hopefully it’s getting warmer. Well I guess here in Indiana I’m still waiting on the getting warmer part! Then comes the thought of Spring cleaning. A thought that I push way to the back of my mind, but it still creeps back to the front. There are a lot of things in my house that need a good clean. This year has to be the spring that I give my home a proper deep clean. Even my floors need some attention after years of wear and tear. I know that I can call a commercial cleaning services company for help with that though, so I need to focus on the smaller things!

I definitely want to do a good Spring cleaning, but just wasn’t sure where to start and then Wham! There the answer was in my email box. Home Made Simple sent me the solution. A 30 day Spring cleaning plan. Home Made Simple is a company owned by Proctor and Gamble. Their website has recipes, organization, crafts, decorating, DIY projects and more!

Thursday March 28, 2013-Day 4 of Spring Cleaning

Time to clean the baseboards and trim. I think this is one of the more neglected areas when it comes to regular cleaning. I know it is for me. I have baseboards in my bathrooms and kitchen and I know they definitely could use a good cleaning! Of course I have wood trim around all my windows too, so I’m in for a lot of cleaning for day four.

Tips and Tricks

When I clean baseboards (and I admit I don’t do it as often as I should) I always start by using my vacuum to get as much dust off of them that I can. I remember my Mom and Grandma using Spic and Span for a lot of things like this, but I usually use a non-abrasive cleaner or even diluted vinegar solution. Heck I’ve even heard of people using baby wipes! A couple of years ago a friend of mine told me she uses dryer sheets to dust them on a regular basis because it helps with future dust buildup. I am going to try that this year and see how it works!

Day 3 Progress

So how did you do on cleaning the windows and screens? I have a confession to make. I was gone all day yesterday and I had to move my window cleaning to another day. Plus it’s still really cold here and I wasn’t looking forward to putting on the winter coat to go outside and clean windows. I am crossing my fingers that the warmer weather is on the way. I have a ton of windows, so I will likely do this on a weekend since it will take a good amount of time. I know people who arrange for someone like this Window Cleaning Geelong company to come and clean their windows for them and while, yes, I have been tempted to do this myself in the past, I’m sticking to my plan and am going to do the job myself!

Don’t forget that it’s okay to deviate from the list and combine jobs into one day or break one job up into two different days. It’s about what is convenient for you. For example, I will be cleaning and organizing the pantry (aka stockpile) and refrigerator in the same day and may need a couple of days to get the leaves out of the yard. It’s all about doing a little bit at a time and setting our own pace so we are not overwhelmed with the process.

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  1. This I’ve got, lol.

    I do the baseboards, window trim and all woodwork once a month. Having a 100 lb shedding dog in the house I can’t stand the thought of dog hair flying around. Also clean all the blinds in the house every month.

    • (Angela) Awesome Remee! I wish I could say the same. It took me forever. I don’t have any pets upstairs, but I will be doing this more often from now on.

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