Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 30-Loose Ends

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Day 30 Spring Cleaning Challenge

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It’s that time of year again-Spring! When the last of the fall leaves finally come off of my tree in the front yard, the flowers start to bloom, the birds are chirping, the days are longer, and hopefully it’s getting warmer. Well I guess here in Indiana I’m still waiting on the getting warmer part! Then comes the thought of Spring cleaning. A thought that I push way to the back of my mind, but it still creeps back to the front.

I definitely want to do a good Spring cleaning, but just wasn’t sure where to start and then Wham! There the answer was in my email box. Home Made Simple sent me the solution. A 30 day Spring cleaning plan. Home Made Simple is a company owned by Proctor and Gamble. Their website has recipes, organization, crafts, decorating, DIY projects and more!

Wednesday April 24, 2013 Day 30!!!!

Today’s Spring Cleaning Challenge is to look over your list and your home and make sure there is nothing that you missed or still need to do. If you are like me and had to put off a couple of tasks, today may be the day to do knock them out!

Day Twenty-Nine Progress

Were you able to get your lawn mowed or get any other outdoor chores done? It rained all day here, but our lawn didn’t need mowed yet. It may need mowed by this weekend with all the rain that we have had!

The End Of The Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Thank you all for participating in this challenge with me! It feels so good to have gotten so many tasks accomplished. Now we can truly enjoy the upcoming warm season, and know that our homes have been deep cleaned! Now it’s time to get out there and enjoy Spring and Summer! We should all be proud of all the tasks that we accomplished over the last month!


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