Spring Cleaning Challenge Day Thirteen-Bedding

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Day 13 Spring Cleaning Challenge

spring cleaning challenge

It’s that time of year again-Spring! When the last of the fall leaves finally come off of my tree in the front yard, the flowers start to bloom, the birds are chirping, the days are longer, and hopefully it’s getting warmer. Well I guess here in Indiana I’m still waiting on the getting warmer part! Then comes the thought of Spring cleaning. A thought that I push way to the back of my mind, but it still creeps back to the front.

I definitely want to do a good Spring cleaning, but just wasn’t sure where to start and then Wham! There the answer was in my email box. Home Made Simple sent me the solution. A 30 day Spring cleaning plan. Home Made Simple is a company owned by Proctor and Gamble. Their website has recipes, organization, crafts, decorating, DIY projects and more!

Sunday April 7, 2013-Day Thirteen

Today’s Spring Cleaning Challenge is to clean all of your bedding. It’s time to freshen up your pillows and bedding on all of the beds in your house. This will include putting fresh sheets and pillowcases on all the beds, cleaning the comforters, and even washing your pillows. (Make sure and check the tags on your pillows for cleaning specifications). If you find your bedding is looking a little worse-for-wear, it might be a good time to send it to the recycling and get something new. Some beautiful mulberry silk bedding can really freshen up a room and get it looking ready for spring, and it should create less dust than ordinary cotton sheets, so that means less spring dusting for you too! If your bedding is looking really shabby and is starting to bring you more discomfort than comfort, then perhaps you need to replace all the main components. You can buy pillows online from SleepSeeker and other sites, as well as duvets too, all designed for maximum comfort. They even come in different styles to suit each person.

Furthermore, this goes for your mattress too. It’s not good to compromise with mattresses and anything that hinders you from a sound sleep. And to add to this, you can still find a good mattress for an affordable price. If you’re in search of the best latex mattress on the market or perhaps a new memory foam one for comfort, then you can find all this for less if you do your research right. It is never right to sacrifice sufficient comfort as it is where you will be for half your life. As sleep and comfort are so important to us, we need to look after our mental and physical health during sleep, and bedding and comfort is the first step to that. If you feel that the current mattress disturbs your sleep and isn’t enough to get you some quality rest time, then you can look at the John Lewis Mattress comparison and find a new mattress. While you are looking for a new mattress, you could also look for one that requires low maintenance and one that can stay tidy for at least some time.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Read about some great tips for cleaning and caring for your bedding. We have waterbeds here in our home. One thing I will be doing besides changing and washing all the bedding, is wiping down the mattress with a cleaning solution and vacuuming around all the sides of the mattress. Home Made Simple also has some great ideas for cleaning your pillows too. One thing we have a ton of here are pillows. My husband literally uses like 8 pillows. I grew up only using a couple. He’s very territorial with his pillows. When I buy new ones I have to secretly throw the old ones away and slip the new ones in a pillowcase. I think he would keep them forever if he could. When we are all done we have nice, clean and fresh bedding to sleep on tonight.

Day Twelve Progress

How did your washer and dryer come out looking? Did you use a store bought cleaner or one of your own? I used just the vinegar solution for my washer and then wiped the outside of both the washer and dryer. I made sure to double check the lint trap and venting hose too. This challenge wasn’t bad at all. I was able to do it in about an hour when you factor in running the washing cycle. Another thing checked off the list.

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