Spring Cleaning Challenge Day Twenty-Nine:Lawn

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Day 29 Spring Cleaning Challenge

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It’s that time of year again-Spring! When the last of the fall leaves finally come off of my tree in the front yard, the flowers start to bloom, the birds are chirping, the days are longer, and hopefully it’s getting warmer. Well I guess here in Indiana I’m still waiting on the getting warmer part! Then comes the thought of Spring cleaning. A thought that I push way to the back of my mind, but it still creeps back to the front.

I definitely want to do a good Spring cleaning, but just wasn’t sure where to start and then Wham! There the answer was in my email box. Home Made Simple sent me the solution. A 30 day Spring cleaning plan. Home Made Simple is a company owned by Proctor and Gamble. Their website has recipes, organization, crafts, decorating, DIY projects and more!

Tuesday April 23, 2013 Day Twenty-Nine

Today’s Spring Cleaning Challenge is to mow the lawn. This may be the first time you get the lawn mower out for the season, or maybe not depending on where you live. Our lawn doesn’t even need mowed yet, but I suspect it will soon. I see a lot of people that mow their lawns in patterns. We are pretty boring around here and just mow it in straight rows, and get it done as quick as possible. Haha! I see some people go diagonal and such. Do you go for a specific pattern when you mow the lawn?

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

It’s time to uncover the lawn mower for the season and get the grass mowed. Here at our house we have a lot of yard to cover. My hubby was so excited last year to get a riding lawn mower. It was his Mom’s, but her lawn is mowed for her, so she doesn’t need it at the time. He was so excited because it’s a John Deere. He puts his Ipod on, and away he goes! LOL

If you live in an apartment, or don’t have a lawn to mow choose something from your day one list to get done today.

Day Twenty-Eight Progress

Did you get all of your leaves raked up? Just our flower beds needed raked out, so I was able to get those done and bagged up. I also was able to put some fresh mulch down. I have a very interesting type of mulch. It’s chocolate mulch from cocoa shells. When it rains it smells like chocolate outside my front door. It’s heaven!

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