Start Planning Your Garden Now

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How to Start Planning Your Garden

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How do you start planning your garden or do you? I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to garden centers and home improvement stores. I see flowers and it feeds my addiction to impulse buy. I had to learn to start thinking and planning my garden before it was time for planting. But I don’t see any harm in browsing around for garden designs and flooring on websites like, as long as I can stop myself from clicking on checkout more often than I should. It’s always fun to shop around (even if it’s only ‘window shopping’) for anything garden-related! My secret weapon not to impulse buy is my husband.

I can see spring around the corner, can you? My bulbs are starting to pop up from the dirt, the smell of flowers in the air? I know not all of you can see or smell spring around the corner due to your climate zone, but there are a lot of us that can. I’m already planning the look of my garden this year, from planting my favourite flowers to visioning an electrical supply throughout my outside space perfect for lighting up my garden parties. By visiting websites such as, I am already researching into quotes for getting a power supply throughout my garden, fitting lightings and installing sound systems to work all year round! If we start thinking about our gardens now, we will be able to get the most of what Mother Nature has to offer and stick to a budget.

For those who are unable to start germinating seeds outdoors due to weather, you have two options. You can germinate seeds indoors using a heating mate and/or find a spot in your yard that gets full sun and put out a cold frame.

A cold frame is a small, portable, unheated greenhouse that insulates tender plants from cold weather, allowing you to start your spring garden a few weeks early. It has a clear top that allows sunlight in to trap the heat. In moderate climates, a cold frame can allow you to grow some herbs and vegetables year round. If you did want to go for a heated greenhouse, however, you may need the help of an electrician like the team at SALT ( to sort out a hook-up point for a heater so that it would be safely wired and installed.

Do you want to grow vegetables by seed, or buy them at the store? Do you want to save money this year and grow your flowers from seed? These are important things to know when you start planning your garden. All of my friends and I have bought our seeds. We will sit outside and make seed tape to share with each other in order to stay in our budget.

For those of you with a slightly larger budget, consider building a garden room at the bottom of your garden. Garden rooms are perfect for encouraging you to get outside in the winter, even if it’s just a short walk from the house. All you need to do is lay a foundation, screw together a timber frame and install some EPDM Rubber Roofing to ensure it doesn’t leak in the rain. If you want electricity, you can place a solar panel on top and it should be enough to provide lighting. Heating might not be necessary if you insulate it well, so all you need inside is a couple of chairs, a table and maybe an area to keep plants over the winter. Now you have the perfect gardener’s retreat to escape to when the house gets busy, and you’ll find it’s incredibly versatile for a variety of garden needs.

One last thing to consider is whether your soil needs to be amended. It may need to be turned to get it ready for that perfect day for planting. Do you have a soil test kit to determine what you need to add to your soil before planting? My soil is sand, the worst because nutrients get depleted quickly, so I have built raised planters with premium soil amended and horse manure added.

Come March, garden centers and home improvement stores are going to be putting out every thing they have. The one thing you don’t want to do is impulse buy when you see all the pretty flowers. Don’t get carried away when starting to plan your garden. Easy does it is the rule. Add when you can. You know, I really need to own my a garden center.

Happy Gardening~ Gale

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