Sunday shopping with Lauren

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Sunday Shopping

Sunday Shopping with Lauren

What did I buy today?

Today I had two extra “helpers” on my normal morning Sunday shopping trip (2 friends of my daughter that had a sleepover last night). I think it is much easier with 3 than it is with 1! They entertain and keep track of each other very well! 🙂

My Sunday Shopping Deals:


(5) Arizona Tea, $0.50 each

(2) Air Wick Freshmatic, $7.99 each (must do two transactions)

  • Used (2) $4.00/1 from SS 8/14

Paid $10.48 oop, received $6.00 RRs


(2) GE light bulbs, 2/$4.00

  • submit for $3.00 single-check rebate

Revlon Perfecttweez slant tweezer, $3.00 each

Revlon splinter tweezer, $1.50 each

Revlon BT slant tweezer, $2.45 each

Revlon Expert Shapers, $1.22 each

Revlon BT slant tweezer, $2.45 each

Revlon nail clippers, $1.09 each

  • All the Revlon tools were Buy one, get one 50% off
  • Used (6) $1.00/1 from SS 8/28
  • Submit for two $1.00 single-check rebates

Paid $9.71 oop, submit for total of $5.00 rebates, received $4.00 +UpRewards 


(2) Skinny Cow crisp bars, 2/$1.00

  • B1G1 free coupon from CVS machine
  • B1G1 free coupon from RP 7/31

Newton fruit thins, $2.50 each

  • FREE coupon from CVS machine

(4) Dawn dish liquid, $0.99 each

  • Used (4) $0.75/1 from 8/28 P&G (some people may have gotten the $1/1 which would make this deal even better!)

(3) Airwick Freshmatic, $4.99 each

  • Used (3) $4.00 from SS 8/14

St. Josephs Aspirin 36ct, $2.00 each

  • Used $1.00/1 printable (no longer available) but there is also one in the 9/11 or 8/7 SS

RepHresh Brilliant PH tampons, $6.79 each

  • Used $1.00/1 printable from

CVS brand Allergy Relief 5ct, $3.69 each

Used $5.00/$25.00 purchase

Paid $8.03 oop, Received $11.48 Extra Bucks

So for everything I paid $28.22 oop, and received $26.48 in rebates/RRs/+UpRewards/Extra Bucks



  1. How did you get $10.00 in extra bucks for the Airwick? I thought you needed to buy $20.00 worth to get the ten. Your Airwick’s only equal $14.97. Please help me understand, newbie here

  2. Actually I didn’t get the $10 extra bucks on this trip. The extra bucks I did get were from the aspirin, allergy meds, and the tampons. I went this morning and bought another airwick (the bigger ones this time for $7.99) and used another $4.00 coupon and it pushed my airwick total for all four over $20 and the $10 extra buck printed on my receipt.

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