Melissa’s Magical CLEARANCE Score!! YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!

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5 Gillette Fusion Gift Sets, 6 Axe Gift Sets, 6 Hershey Pot Of Gold Sets, 6 Rocher sets, 4 Glade Candles, 2 Skittles Tubes, 2 Life Savers Tubes, 2 Tootsie Roll tubes, 2 Starburst Tubes, 6 Ghiradelli Bags, 4 Colgate Kids sets, 6 Glimmer Body Wash. OH WIZ KIDS!  I have to tell you, first off, that this morning I had not clipped ANY coupons for about 3 weeks, due to the craziness of the holidays.  I WAS NOT going to do this, but as I was reading all of your comments on CLEARANCE shopping, you gave … [Read more...]