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How to Print Coupons from Your iPhone

Printable Coupons print coupons from your iPhone

This is another question I get a lot- how do you print coupons from your iPhone? I always print my coupons from the links on my laptop or desktop first. Reason being is that the site gets revenue from these prints and it is a way to support all the free things it offers without costing me a cent.

Also, I don’t print a lot of internet printables. I follow David’s suggestion of printing only high dollar coupons. I also print coupons for brands my family prefers. Now for those in the land of the doubles you may find more worth printing.

All that being said, one thing you need to know is that not all coupons can be printed from your “i-device.” Coupons on most websites require a coupon printer download and you are not able to do that on any of these devices.

HOWEVER! has a FREE app you can download that will allow you 2 prints per device. It requires that you have a wireless HP printer. I got an excellent deal on an HP wireless printer during Black Friday last year.

I didn’t have to do any special set up. When I opened the app I picked my coupons, it searched for a printer and picked it right up. There is also an option in the app to email the coupons then you can print from your PC. ┬áIf you have already printed from your computer doing this, it will now allow you the additional prints.

I do prints from my iPhone, iPad and iPod. Unfortunately I do not see this app in the Android Market or Blackberry App World. Hopefully soon they will open it up to the other platforms.


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  1. The answer to your question is yes it does recognize your computers IP address and will not let you print more from the email if that is where you sent it. I just tried it.

  2. Rob Kercheval says

    sorry this is the first time i am seeing this blog/ post and i know i am for one that has asked about this
    very question at least once or twice and i have an iPhone & an iPad along with an HP printer and have the App on both of my devices and i still cannot get the DARN things to print and i cannot print any of the coupons from your site or off the Facebook page as well….. i really am frustrated about this because i see a lot of good coupons that are posted and would love to print them but it keeps telling me i need to set up my wireless router thru internet and i only have a wi-fi hotspot on my iPhone

    • Rob you can only print coupons from your iPhone using the app. You can’t go thru the web page or Facebook. When you try to go thru the site or facebook it requires a download and the iPhone won’t allow that.

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