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Free Kindle App

Kindle app

One of my favorite and most used apps is the free Kindle App. I’m a big reader and while I love the iPhone/iPad bookstore reader, I find some great deals on books through Amazon. The Kindle App is very comparable to the reader on the iPhone/iPad. You can download it from Amazon here.

The Kindle App Allows You To
  • Bookmark Page
  • Highlight Text
  • Get Definitions of Words
  • Search The Book For Words or Phrases
  • Change Page Color To White, Black or Sepia
  • Adjust Brightness of Page
  • Adjust Text Size
The Kindle App is available on the following platforms:
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Android Phones or Tablet
  • Windows 7 Phone
  • Mac Computers
  • Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista Computers
  • Windows 8 Tablets
  • or use the Kindle Cloud Reader directly from your Browser

The thing I like the best is I can have all my books on all my devices. You simply download the app and use the original log in you set up. This way I only have to buy the book once and can get it on any of my devices.

It’s super easy to download books. You simply go to Amazon buy the book and the next time you open your app it is available there. ¬†Amazon does tend to run sales on books and will periodically offer a book for free. This is why I originally downloaded the app. I spend a lot of money on books so I love to download some when they are free. You can check out some of the books Amazon currently for free. It’s a no lose situation with the free books, even if you don’t like the book you didn’t lose anything since it was free!

Another nice feature of buying books via Amazon is that some books will let “look inside.” This will let you download a free preview of the book. It allows you to read bits and pieces of the book before you decide to purchase it.

This one is worth checking out. ~Cyndi

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