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Talking Nerdy Inventory App

talking nerdyFor talking nerdy today, we’re going to discuss having a home inventory. I’ve been saying for a while that I needed to do one. I had a friend lose everything in a house fire and saw first hand what she had to go through to get the most she could on her claim. My friend had to list EVERYTHING in her house in order to be reimbursed from her insurance company.  I always thought that if we had a hurricane or something of that nature I could just list the items as we were throwing them out. But if you have nothing but ashes, how do you inventory that? It’s devastating enough to lose everything, much less to have to deal with the insurance. Of course life gets in the way of good plans and the longer I put it off, the further down on my list it got.

I live in south Louisiana and as you may have heard we had Hurricane Isaac last week. Of course being right on the gulf coast, I was glued to the news. As I sat there watching news footage of peoples’ homes being destroyed, it dawned on me that I had procrastinated on doing a home inventory. I was stuck in the house and needed something to take my mind off of it, so I figured there was no better time to get it done.

Talking Nerdy Scr.App.Bk App

I found this really cool app, It’s a free app on iPhone. This app lets you enter all the information for each item you want to inventory, along with 2 pictures per item. It is sorted by room and lets you add a description, purchase date, purchase price, serial number, category and brand.

I decided that I would take one picture of the item and one picture of the receipts, for the items I still had them for. Using the app was super simple.

talking nerdyOnce you have all your items, you have the ability to email yourself a .CSV version of your inventory. You can also have the app give you a PDF version of the inventory.

I will be printing a copy of the PDF version and putting it in the safe deposit box for safe keeping. But I have to say I like having this on my phone. This way, should something happen, and we would have to evacuate, I have it all with me.

Whether you use an app, a regular paper tablet, or take pictures and write the information on the back, I highly suggest having a home inventory. I’ll rest easier knowing if anything happens I can just turn over my inventory to the insurance company and put my energy into getting my life back in order.


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  1. Hi I was wondering if you know of one for the PC I don’t have a smart phone. I only buy min. every two months. thank you Jan

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