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I love Winn Dixie and it is one of the stores I shop reguarly.  Their BOGO deals are great and it’s a 50% savings BEFORE any coupons, isn’t that a fantastic way to start a shopping trip!

I was very happy when I found their FREE Winn Dixie app available for iphone and Android.  Every Wednesday the app is automatically updated with their current sales ad.  The app allows you to create a shopping list from the ad and you can manually add items to it.  And we all know one of the keys to a great couponing shopping trip is having a list!!!

This list function is amazing… it even puts your list in aisle catagories for you so it’s easy to follow while shopping.  On the rare occassions we may send our husbands to do the shopping you have the ability to email the list to him.

I highly recommend heading over to the App Store or Android Market and get this app today.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite apps… leave me a comment below and we may use it for the Spotlight Apps!!!


  1. I have been playing with the updated Walgreens app this past week! I love how it shows your points now! Within minutes of a purchase there, it shows all your info about your purchase, points you received, points you redeemed, and it give you a little chart of your progression to get to the next lever. Along with everything else you can do with the app. You even have a card on the app that can be scanned if you forget yours. It is very helpful with their new point system.

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