Target Coupon Policy Update – Manufacturer Coupons

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Target Coupon Policy Update

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Ready for a new Target coupon policy update? More and more now we are seeing retailers’ fighting for you business in the form of advertising on specific coupons found on They are are giving suggestions to redeem at their store like Walmart especially.

I know this can be confusing at times. One question we get more than others is “my coupon says redeemable at Walmart, do I have to use it there?” The short answer is no. This is still a manufacturer coupon that can be used anywhere and that store will be reimbursed. There is really only one exception to this rule. You have to be sure that another store does not have if in their policy that they will not accept coupons with other stores names or logos on them. Now, if your coupon says “redeemable ONLY at (store name)” then, even though it is a manufacturer coupon, you would HAVE to use it at that store.

Target is taking some of the confusion out to help you! In a recent Coupon Policy Update, they have addressed this very matter and put it out in black and white so no more confusion if your coupon says “redeemable at Walmart” and you want to know if you can use it at Target. You can see the Complete Official Policy HERE.

Here is the excerpt about the “redeemable at” part of the policy:


Hopefully since this is now in black and white in the Official Coupon Policy, there will be no more confusion at the registers at Target. If you do have any problems, you can always pull up the policy on your phone, or have a copy printed out with you to show the cashier or manager on duty.

There is also another recent update Target made to their Coupon Policy! This is another one seems to cause some headaches between shoppers and cashiers. The difference in the wording of “per purchase” and “per transaction” wording. Target has also put this in black and white in their Complete Official Coupon Policy so no more headaches. Again, keep your policy with you in case you have issues with cashiers!

Here is an excerpt from the Target Coupon Policy regarding the wording of “per transaction” and “per purchase”:


I hope this helps when you are shopping at Target from now on! Please remember also, it is not always the cashiers fault, some do not get the proper training. When you run into an issue, have a copy of the policy with you to show them, and if still problems, show a manager!


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