Target Inventory Checker – Know Before You Go – Walmart Too!

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Target Inventory Checker

Target Inventory Checker

So there’s this new toy I’ve been playing with the last few weeks. It’s called a Target Inventory Checker and the official website is Brickseek. There is also a Walmart Inventory Checker you can use too, but since I rarely shop at Walmart, I haven’t tried it for that store yet. Now Target is another story.

There is a disclaimer, but when isn’t there one? Although this Target Inventory Checker tool can be useful, it isn’t dead-on accurate. Just like anything computerized, it’s only as good as the people entering in the information, but, so far I’ve been impressed. I’ve used it on 4 occasions, and only once did it lead me astray.

How to Use the Target Inventory Checker

The only hard part is you need what they call the DCPI number (or Item ID# as it’s called for Walmart). It’s found on the product itself, but if you don’t have the product in hand (in which case you probably wouldn’t need this tool) you won’t have the number. That’s where following other blogs comes in. If you see chatter about a possible clearance alert, and they give you the DCPI#, you can look it up and see if any are in stock at your store.

As an example (see below), I got wind of a possible clearance deal on Charmin Bath Tissue. The DCPI# for it is 253 06 0022. I entered this number in the Target Inventory Checker, along with my zip code and the results were 15 in stock at my closest store, 0 at my next closest, 6 at the next, etc, and it gave me the price at each store. The next step would be to head to the store, hoping this information is accurate, and buy them.

Target Inventory Checker Ex

Like I said, all in all, it’s been pretty good. Some items will have the same DCPI# though which could lead you astray, but that doesn’t happen a lot. I was after a particular Oral B toothbrush a couple weeks ago. Although the one that was being clearanced was a different style, it came up as in stock. When I got there, the one on clearance wasn’t in stock, just the others with the same number. It’s also possible someone grabbed them before I got there. Who knows? That’s the only time though that it didn’t work out.

If you try the Target Inventory Checker, or even the Walmart one, let me know how it goes for you. Also, if you find a clearance deal, let us know what the DCPI or Item# is so we can all benefit. You can always tell us over on Red Hot Coupons.

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