Target Trip on 9/21 with 91% Savings!

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Target Trip 9/21

Target Trip Pic 9-21

I went on a Target Trip today! It had been sooo long since I shopped at Target. Well, a few weeks, but that’s a long time for me! There were a lot of deals I wanted this week. I wasn’t real hopeful on some of it since the good stuff has a tendency to be gone by Sunday night with a one week ad, but I got lucky. They did have to go in the back for more Swiffer, but other than that, it was all on the shelves still.

I got most of it at Super Target (along with a Starbucks, of course!) but I did go to my regular close Target for 3 more Raid & Off! I put them together below to make it easier, but all together I got $88 in items for just $7.98 for a 91% savings. The other day someone made the comment that it’s not right (or “crap” as they so eloquently put it) to tell people to roll gift cards in my deals, but this is why I encourage it. If I didn’t have $30 in gift cards to “roll,” this trip would have cost me $30 more. I used $30 in gift cards, but earned $30 in gift cards. Next time I shop I’ll do it again to reap BIG savings. And again! Here’s my breakdown:

Target Trip Breakdown:

6 Raid Spray @ $3.89 each (3 at store 1, 3 at store 2)
Used 6 $1.50/1 Raid Product printable coupons (signup & share req’d – 3 PCs)
Scanned Cartwheel Bar Code for 30% off or $7 off
OOP = 6/$7.34 + 2 $5 gift cards (1 each for buying 3)
Submitted receipts to Ibotta (1 my acct, 1 hubby’s) for $1.50 cash back
Total = 6/$5.84 or $0.97 each after cash back & the $10 in gift cards!

6 Deep Woods Off! Sprays @ $4.99 each (3 at store 1, 3 at store 2)
Used 6 $1.25/1 Off! Product printable coupons (signup & share req’d – 3 PCs)
Scanned Cartwheel Bar Code for 30% off or $8.98 off
OOP = 6/$13.46 or $2.24 each + 2 $5 gift cards back (1 each for buying 3)!

10 Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes @ $1.02 each
(Part of Buy 10 Betty Crocker, Progresso and/or Green Giant, Get a $5 Gift Card)
Used 4 $0.50/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes printable coupons
Used 2 $0.50/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes printable coupons (NLA)
OOP = 10/$7.20 + a $5 gift card back!

3 GE LED Soft White Light Bulbs B2G1 @ $5
Used 3 $1/1 GE Lighting Product, $4+ printable coupons (my store allows a Q on a free item)
Scanned Cartwheel Bar Code for 15% off GE Light Bulbs or $1.50 off
OOP = 3/$5.50 or $1.83 each!

2 Swiffer 360 Duster Starter Kits @ $4.99 each
Used 2 $2/1 Swiffer Starter Kit printable coupons
OOP = 2/$5.98 + a $5 gift card back!

Since I earned 6 gift cards on these trips, I used 6 gift cards (or “rolled them”) for an additional $30 off!

Totals from Target Trip

Total before any coupons or discounts = $88.46
Total Savings after coupons & discounts = $80.48
Total OOP = $7.98 after cash back & gift cards + $30 in gift cards back again!
Total Savings = 91% (Savings/Total b4 coupons or $80.48/$88.46) before tax

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