Targets Coupon Policy Decoded

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Targets Coupon Policy Explained

Target Insert Insanity Money Maker Targets coupon policy

Many of you have questions or run into concerns at your local Targets coupon policy. Some of you have questions on the policy, some question the stores and their individual policies. Our stance has always been to print out and keep a copy of the store policy with you at all times. That said, I’m going to spell out some of the most asked questions regarding their policy.

Targets Coupon Policy Explanations
  • Target doesn’t give overage – this is in their policy only stated as they can’t give cash back. They say nothing about applying overage to the basket total. My local store gives overage. Some don’t. They stay silent on the issue and my personal take on that is it’s a store by store basis.
  • Target won’t take a printable coupon – their policy has stated that they DO accept internet coupons. However, they do not accept coupons for free items with no purchase requirements. (This is no different than any other retailer)
  • Target gave me a problem on a BOGO sale – well, yes, if you are trying to use a BOGO coupon. Their policy states you cannot use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale and get both items free. They will allow you to use either one manufacturer coupon or one Target coupon with a BOGO sale.
  • Someone told me Target will take my RR from Walgreen’s Check out the full post on this. The short answer is NO, they do not. Some stores apparently may choose to. Targets coupon policy states that they cannot accept coupons from other retailers. RR’s may say manufacturer coupon, but they also say “Redeem Only At Walgreen’s.”

There is also a question regarding the new wording on Target’s printable coupons that says “one per offer per guest.”  You can print two coupons, so what gives? Well, I’ll tell you. Sometimes, Target coupons look like they can be combined. You can print both a $2/1 Centrum Target coupon and also a $5/2 Centrum items Target coupon. You can’t use both. One per offer. You can’t use a Target coupon and manufacturer coupon on an item where you are using a coupon for a $5 gift card. (Using an Olay MQ, an Olay Target Q, and a Target coupon for a $5 gift card when you buy 3 Olay items).

Apparently, that has come from people trying to stack Target coupons on top of Target coupons. Sorry, not allowed.

Targets coupon policy is somewhat ambiguous and they intend it to be for many reasons. It gives the individual stores some leeway. But we are all adults, and we all have a conscience. So, when you are interpreting a coupon policy, if you have to look and look to find a loophole, maybe it wasn’t supposed to be there.


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  1. Elizabeth says

    My local store will take printable coupons, but if it won’t scan, then they won’t take it. 🙁 I have an issue with this, because teh cashier couldn’t get 3 of my printed coupons to scan. Went to customer service and she got 1 of them to scan. So, it’s has to do with the scanner/angle/cashier’s willingness to scan it. Frustrating and nothing is in the policy that I know of that says they won’t accept it if it doesn’t scan. Have I missed that somewhere? Am I the only one who has run into this?

    • Elizabeth, I’ve run into it once or twice. Personally, I wonder if it has anything to do with the counterfeit coupons – if it’s not a real coupon, they don’t get reimbursed for it and they may be wary of it if the register doesn’t scan it. I have a few cashiers that I know there, and they will try a few times to scan the coupon. I find if it’s a common one and it doesn’t scan, they will key it in. If it’s a rare one, I may not be so lucky.

  2. thanks for posting this!

  3. Emma Pfanner says

    I’ve been told by 4 separate people at Target (2 were managers) that Corporate just changed their policy – if the coupon doesn’t scan, they are not allowed to over-ride it or key it manually. It’s a new policy – because I questioned this both times mine did not scan. They are going to lose sales from me….that’s all I can say on the matter.

  4. Tammy Shelton says

    Well written. Especially the last sentence. I’ve had more positive coupon experiences with Target than negative ones. I think it is an issue of store to store, but also the experience of the cashier. In the case above, I have had the same issue with coupons that don’t scan. Sometimes the systems have a hard time reading them if the ink is light. (Have you ever noticed how bold their coupons print?)
    Some cashiers will go ahead and use them provided the correct information is on the coupon. The manufacturers address and redemption information, expiration date and product information is all there. Some cashiers, the more inexperienced or hesitant ones will not use them at all if they won’t scan. In that case, I go over to the customer service counter. I know it’s an extra step, especially if you have kids or there is a line. Remember however that you can leave and take it back the next time you go and as long as the expiration date is before the date on the receipt they will issue a refund.

    I think one of the biggest parts about being a couponer is being respectful and understanding. Cashiers can get written up if they take coupons that they aren’t supposed to. They could loose their jobs. Most people NEED their jobs right now. Couponing is under extreme scrutiny right now because of TLC’s “LOVELY” show that makes us all seem crazy. We want to be able to use our coupons. Make friends with your cashiers. Be understanding and respectful to them, and they will in turn learn to trust you and be respectful to you if you are an honest couponer.

    Good luck everyone.
    Tammy from Redeeming Values.

  5. Does Target have to fallow the online coupon policy ?

  6. Keri Jenkins says

    A couple of weeks ago I went to my local Target with several MQ’s and TQ’s that were stackable. Because you are only allowed to print 2 of each, that was my limit of like items. My cashier had no problem with it until the last few items of the cart. Then she insisted that I could only purchase one like item per purchase. I was extremely nice about it, but pointed out she had just scanned an entire buggy full of 2 like items. She still insisted that I couldn’t purchase 2 (it was chewing gum….lol). I finally told her to put it aside and I would purchase it later. After the purchase, I took the items over to the service desk and questioned the manager. She was surprised the cashier said this and she rang up my 2 like items and coupons with no problem. Do they have a like item limit???

    • Keri, as far as I know there is no item limit. When stacking, I usually don’t get more than 2, unless it’s something I really need and can print another coupon from our other computer. That being said, I have bought more than two items without stacking plenty of times – just using MQ’s. I am glad that the manager helped you out. Some stores will set a limit during sale periods to prevent shelf clearing, but there is nothing in their policy about any limits when purchasing. In that case, I’d go by the limits on the coupon (P&G’s 4 like coupon limit)

      • Keri Jenkins says

        Thanks Brianne. I didn’t think there was a limit, but wanted another opinion! I don’t want the cashiers to get in trouble either. I actually had two different cashiers (at two different stores) tell me in one day that they were afraid they were going to lose their job if they made a mistake with coupons. How sad! Instead of threatening them with their jobs, why don’t the stores have an in-service to train them properly? I would never want someone to lose their job over a coupon! 🙂

  7. Okay so here is a new one. I went to Target just the other day and had 5 cans of Campbell’s soup and 5 MQ coupons for $.75/1. She rang up all five of my cans of soup, and then began scanning my coupons…she got to the 5th coupon and it wouldn’t take it. I was told that they had just changed their coupon policy to state that no more than 4 like items to a purchase, even if the coupon didn’t state that…and that no more than 4 like coupons/per purchase PER HOUSEHOLD PER DAY….the cashier kindly took my soup off and just rang it up in a separate transaction. I was ready to put it back and just not buy my daughter 5 cans of soup. Have you heard anything on this one?

    • And btw…I do see it in the policy….just wondering if anyone else has had this issue recently?

    • Yes. We posted an update to their new policy about a month or so ago. Their corporate policy is that 4 like coupons per order. Whether your cashier will allow you to do multiple transactions is at their discretion and the discretion of the store. The register will not allow more than 4 like coupons (Hence your beep). I still have done it once or twice myself, not even thinking and since I do know most of them at my store they have been gracious enough to let me ring it through on a second transaction.

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