Talking Nerdy- Key Ring Reward Cards App for Smart Phones

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My reward cards are all on a key ring and it is usually in my purse.  However most of the time they get eaten by the black hole that I call my purse or I change purses and they end up being left on the counter at home.  One thing I’m never without is my phone!

I’ve found this great app Key Ring Reward Cards.  It is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry.  On iPhone it is a free app, I’m not positive about the other platforms.  I LOVE this app…. I never have to worry about being without my store cards.

This app allows you to scan all your store cards.  All you do is after you download the app, you just “add a card” and scan your actual card. When you are checking out you just pull up the card in your app and they scan your phone screen the same way they scan your card.

Some people have said they have problems with the cashiers scanning from the phone.   The manager at my Rite Aid said that if there is a big glare on the phone sometimes it won’t scan.  He has found if you angle the phone down where the overhead lights aren’t shining directly on the screen it scans easier.

The plus is from time to time they will attach special offers to your card.  You will get a notification in the app with details on the offer.

You can go here to their webiste and see a video on how the app works. 

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