Register Rewards at Walgreens – Here’s the 411

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Walgreens Register Rewards

Register Rewards

So what do you know about Register Rewards (RR)? Couponing can be confusing by itself but then you add in store rewards and that can confuse us even more. RRs can be very beneficial if obtained and used correctly. Spending $8.00 cash to get a $2.00 RR back is not a smart purchase unless it is an item you use and need now. If you stockpile correctly, you should not find yourself in that position often.

Walgreens coupon policy

Walgreens Register Rewards

What is a Register Reward?

A RR is a manufacturer Catalina coupon that prints from a Catalina machine, along with your receipt, when you make a qualifying purchase on an item. These RRs are to be used on your next purchase. Think of it as an instant rebate coupon. Register Rewards typically expire within 2 weeks. Walgreens will not accept expired RR’s.

Register RewardsYou need at least the same amount of items as you have coupons for in order to use all of your coupons and RR’s for your  transaction. Meaning, if you buy 3 items and have 3 manufacturer coupons plus 2 RR’s you need to add 2 ‘filler’ items to your basket in order to use all 5 coupons. Walgreens store coupons do not count against the ‘coupon to item ratio’ required. Be sure to give the cashier the manufacturer coupon first, then the store coupons, then the RR’s and lastly cash.

If you need fillers, look for the least expensive items such as candy, clearance items, pencils, votive candles etc. You want to avoid using up too much of your savings at checkout.

What does it mean to roll a Register Reward?

Rolling a reward simply means using a RR from one item to help pay for another item that generates another RR. You are basically trading one coupon for another; however, there are restrictions to pay attention to such as, you cannot roll a RR on the same item.  If you bought a razor and received a $4.00 RR, you cannot use that RR to buy another razor and expect another RR to print out. You can, however, use it to pay for other items in the store that will generate RR’s. You can then use those RR’s to buy another razor and a new $4.00 RR will print out.

Where do I find qualifying RR items?

Many are weekly deals and some are monthly deals. You can find them in the Walgreens weekly sales ad as well as in the store. Register Reward items will have a tag on the shelf. The easiest way to spot a RR deal is to use a Walgreens match-up, which will also include active coupons the product increasing your savings.

How do I keep track of all of the reward programs?

Learn one store at a time. Master Walgreens then move on to CVS. Then Rite-Aid, then move on to Target. etc. Or in any order that works for you. Most reward programs are basically the same with a little variance here and there so once you have learned one, the rest fall into a place a litter easier.


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