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Valerie’s Wizards Admin Challenge

Wizards Admin Challenge Valerie

It was important to me not to go crazy and buy items for the sake of  The Coupon Wizards admin challenge, but to keep my purchases realistic. I could have gotten more of one item or another, but if I wouldn’t normally buy 8 packages of napkins so why buy them today? This week’s sale also didn’t have much that I use, but it did give me an opportunity to try products new to me such as Belvita and the Jell-O cups.

The Coupon Wizards challenge was really quite a personal challenge for me right away. To begin with, the only thing I really wanted this week were the Busy Bones at Publix and I planned to use the overage for produce. Needless to say, I gave no thought to this week’s sales at all and I haven’t looked at a drug store matchup in months because I’m stocked up on the few things they sell that I use.

The Wizards Admin Challenge Faces a Curve Ball

As I put my list together I noticed that I needed more printable coupons than I normally do to make this work. To save on paper I print several at a time and of course my laptop suddenly decided that it no longer wanted to see the printer. I discovered this after I sent them to the printer. I ended up losing that batch of coupons because the printer program had to be reinstalled.

Later that day I tried our other computer and the printer ran out of  black ink. I discovered this when my coupons printed without the black bar code. I had recently bought a combo pack of ink, but guess what it didn’t include? I lost that batch too. Really?

OK, Plan B

I called 2 friends and asked them to print the coupons I lost, nothing more. They were able to get a couple, but both of them had issues with Target’s coupons so that didn’t work. At this point I saw doom lurking. My husband took pity on me and came to my rescue by giving me his work laptop so I was able to get the remaining coupons I needed.

Did I really do that?

I had several errands to run that day along with my wizards admin challenge errands so off I went. All was going well until I got to Publix and discovered I left the $2/2 Busy Bone insert coupons at home and my success relied on those coupons. I left the store, drove 20 minutes home, got my coupons and drove 20 minutes back to the store. Did I mention we had company coming in 2 hours by this time?

In the end I went over my $10.00 by $.94. I do have to return a $.97 item because I didn’t notice it was broken, but I still went over $10.00. All things considered I’m happy with the turnout. I have items I’ll use, items I can donate, items for work and it didn’t phase my budget.

Wizards Admin Challenge at CVS

Total $4.99 … OOP free … Saved $4.99 = 100%

  • 1 Cortisone cream free with store coupon printout value $4.99

Total $51.94 … OOP $.94 … Saved $51.00 = 99%

  • Eggplant $4.25
  • 1 organic sugar $3.98 no coupon
  • 2 Wet n Wild Polish $.93 ea – (2) $1/1 mq  5/13  RP = $.14 mm
  • 3 Cutter votives $.97 ea – (3) $1/1  mq  5/20 RP  = $.21 mm
  • 8 Belvita singles $.88 – (8) $1/1 mq  printable = $.96 mm
  • 10 Ball pectin single pack $.97 – (10) $1/1 mq  6/3  SS = $.30 mm
  • 10 Bayer aspirin $2.22 – (10) $3/1 mq  6/24  SS = $7.80 mm

Total $113.27 … OOP $9.89 … Saved $103.38 = 91%

  • 2 Chinet napkins BOGO $2.19 – (2) $1/1 printable MQ = $.10 each
  • 2 Eckrich sausage 2/$5.98 – (1) SQ 6/24 RP and (2) $1/1 printable MQ = $1.50 each (not a smart purchase)
  • 3 Acai $1.99 – (3) $1/1 hangtag from previous purchase = $.99 each
  • 2 Dial 10/$10 – (2) $.50 Target.com and (2) $.35 MQ 6/17 RP = $.15 each
  • 8 Jell-O 3/$6 – (2) B3G1 Target.com and (1) $1.10 printable no longer available and (7) $.60 MQ 6/10 SS = $.84 each
  • 8 Planters BOGO $4.39 – (4) $1/2 Target.com and (8) $1/1 MQ 6/24 SS = $.95 each
  • 8 Busy Bone BOGO $3.79 – (8) $2/1 SQ printable and (4) $2/2 MQ 6/17 SS = $8.84 mm

Total combined without tax $170.20 … OOP $10.83 … Saved $159.37 = 94%  savings overall

Next wizards admin challenge?


  1. Gale Kelly says

    Valerie… For what started as a challenge certainly turned into a challenge for you with all the malfunctions going in… yet… you managed to show why you are a wizard….. you did good girl!:)

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