Italian Days – The Wizard Left His Mark at Publix!

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Italian Days

Italian Days at Publix
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I don’t typically rant and rave about all of my savings, but the truth is, after a month of doing the Coupon Magic webinar, I needed to get another spreadsheet to use as an example in that session.  Enter Publix Italian Days.  I had been waiting for this sale to come around for several months now.  In the spirit of the “Managing Your Stockpile” webinar tonight, I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on this trip today.  I love Italian Days at Publix for several reasons.  First, most of the items that I buy are items that have a very long shelf life.  Also, the items are staples for much of the cooking that I do when I am at home.  However, the best thing about Italian Days is the ability to stack manufacturer’s coupons, store coupons, and $5 off when you buy 20 participating items coupons.  If you haven’t taken the beginner’s class or you don’t understand how I prepare for my trips, make sure you sign up for one of those sessions today!  You can do this too!  Here are my totals.  Follow the link at below the totals to see the spreadsheet breakdown!  Also, I am intentionally not posting pictures of this trip!  You have to attend the Managing Your Stockpile Webinar to see the pics of this haul!

Total Retail:  $382.41

Total Savings: $361.95

Total Out of Pocket:  $20.47

Total Savings %:  94.65%

Total Number of Items: 187

Average Cost per Item:  $.11

To see the actual spreadsheet and breakdown, click the link below!

Couponing Trip Analysis Spreadsheet-Italian Days


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  1. Jennifer Abbott says

    Was this one trip or several trips?

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