Kelloggs at Publix – The Wizard Saves 88%

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Kelloggs Cereal Deal at Publix

Kellogg's Publix Deal

Have you taken advantage of the Kelloggs deal yet? One of the things that we tell our readers is that you need to have patience. I realize that is like talking to a brick wall sometimes. However, serious, hard core couponers don’t get caught up in the hoopla and hype of a coupon or a deal. They sit back like a big game hunter and wait until they have the perfect shot and then they go for the kill.

Italian & Kelloggs Deals at Publix this Week

With Italian Days this week and next, and the Publix Kelloggs cereal event today and tomorrow, people are going to be headed to the stores in droves in order to have their first massive haul. That said, there will be plenty of people that are so excited to participate that they don’t slow down to plan accordingly and end up spending way more money than they ever should have. Knowing your opportunities and seizing them at the right time can be the difference between a 50% savings and a 90% savings. We had a really good trip to Publix this morning. However, as you can see from our receipt, Annie forgot the cash envelopes at home and we had to use our debit card. It’s these little mistakes that we all make that can cost us in the long run.

Our Shopping Trip Results

On this morning’s trip, we were able to score a dozen boxes of Kelloggs cereal for $7.62. We did it through the use of manufacturer coupons, competitor coupons and a Publix $5/30 that was in our free publication paper thisKelloggs Cereal Deal week. This allowed us to do one really good transaction before we drop back down and start using our $2/$2 coupons. From an efficiency standpoint, this was much, much easier for us to stomach. Those $2/$2 trips can be a pain unless you find a store that will let you separate your transactions and run them back to back.

We have a lot of tools at our disposal this next week. I think that every Wiz Kid out there that shops at Publix should plan every single trip with their spreadsheet so that they are able to check and double check their math before they leave home. In addition, it will force you to get your coupons in order and also will help to hold you accountable once you are in the heat of battle. I hope everyone will take the time to share their hauls with us this weekend. We love to see them and love to hear the stories and the amounts that you have saved.


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