This Ain’t Your Momma’s Recipe Box

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Does this spark a memory for you? Do you remember your mom using a small recipe box for her Sunday coupons? We don’t see this much anymore, for many reasons! As coupons have changed throughout the years, so have our methods for storage.

Filing coupons in a 3×5 recipe box is next to impossible now, due to the fact that there are just so many more coupons available than there were years ago!  With the increase of people being mindful of saving money, and frugal living, we have access to so much more in the way of saving money and couponing!

While the 3×5 recipe box could be good for individual  “shopping trips” (to file them according to sections of the store or aisles where products are or by actual item category) it’s not likely that we can house ALL of our coupons in them now. SO, if you like the “recipe box” idea, check out these great file methods that can benefit us  better now! 🙂

Plastic shoe boxes are available all over the place now days, complete with lid! Pick up (or better yet, make your own) filing tabs and turn the little “recipe” box idea into a jumbo coupon organizer!

If you are wanting to house the entire insert THIS could actually be the best invention for couponers in the history of couponing!!! This file box is basically a hybrid of the above “recipe box” method!  Using a tool like this can make your coupon storage EASY and efficient!!  IF you choose to do the “insert” method of filing (grouping like pages, stapling and  dating) you can note dates on the tabs.  I love the fact that the lid closes and who wouldn’t LOVE the drawer for scissors, pens, etc!!

Storex Portable File Box with Bottom Drawer, Black (61513U01C)

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Depending on how many inserts you get weekly, the below filing system is FANTASTIC for storage of them! I love the vibrant colors and the way the files are laid out! This is great to store the entire season’s coupon inserts, since  normally, inserts can be good for up to 6 months or more!!  Just as we need to change everything with the times, we need to update Momma’s recipe box! Oh, if she could see us now! In fact, if she is still using her little recipe box, send her this post! 🙂 You can look around and find many more ways to organize your coupons from the Coupon Wizards.

Home Paperwork Filing System – Over 80 Files To Keep You Organized (various) (9″H x 12″W (each folder))


  1. These are great ideas for coupon storage! Most of the time my inserts are stacked up on the coffee table each week…

  2. I remember my mom having a little box like that…wow, times have changed!

  3. My Gosh! I remember I used a little box, then a purse kinda wallet like file after that a binder book with photo pocket pages and then after that I went to a leather zipper binder with baseball pocket pages, it had pockets for my circulars and a place for my calculator, scissors and pen, and also a place to put my reusable bags, I love my new way of doing couponing. Yes, as times advance you have to advance with it 🙂

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