Three things I wish I knew when I started couponing

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After almost a year of couponing, there are a few things I wish I had known when I started that I realized along the way!

  1. You never need to pay for certain items. Don’t even bother getting them when they are cheap or close to free – wait until they are free or a moneymaker deal and then stock up! This includes items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, pasta sauce, pasta, cold medicine, allergy medicine, and a lot more.
  2. Have a dedicated space for your stockpile with appropriate shelving. My organization of my stockpile has changed over the year. It’s hard to know what you might purchase but if you’re really in this for the long term – get some good shelving to hold your items. Plastic shelves are a lot cheaper and easier but they also bow under the weight of 50 bottles of Vitamin Water. Believe me, I’ve tried it.
  3. Having a coupon binder and cutting out every coupon insures you’ll always have the coupons you want – BUT it takes forever!!! It was killing my back and taking so much time to clip every single coupon. Now I have a hybrid method with one small notebook of coupons I know I will use, plus internet printables and mailed coupons and the rest of my inserts are filed in folders in a filing cabinet.

What have you learned and what did you wish you knew when you started?



  1. i wish i had known just how many things i would be able to get for next to nothing…..this is a compulsive shoppers dream! i should have started earlier!

  2. I have learned not to stress if I miss out on a bargain. There will always be another one around the corner : )

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