Fight The Fees for Thrifty Thursday

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Thrifty Thursday – Fight the Fees

fight the feesAre you ready to fight the fees? Everywhere we turn these days, there seems to be added fees. They kind of sneak up to you every chance you get. Some of them, you can’t avoid. But a few, you can. Plus, there’s the good, old-fashioned way of just asking.

We’ve all had our fair share of oops when it comes to paying bills. When my husband was out of work with an injury earlier this year, the way the money sort of trickled in definitely messed up when bills were paid. We had been paying down our last two cards and I ended up being late on both of them. I called, explained the issue, and due to our good standing, each company removed the fees. That was $70 I saved by picking up the phone and calling. I did the same thing with our bank. I had our auto insurance auto-debit date later than it actually was (oops!) and ended up having overdraft fees at the bank. They were gracious enough to grant me a fix on those as well, which totaled another $70. Right there was enough to pay my electric bill that month.

More Ways to Fight the Fees

There are other fees we incur though. I know a lot of us don’t have time to sit and roll the change that’s in our change jars. I am a big fan of the CoinStar machines. I hated that I had to pay the fees though – it would usually amount to $10-20, depending on how much change I had. Most supermarkets that have the machines in them will waive the fees if you opt to take payment in the form of a gift card to the store. Well, if I’m planning on doing food shopping anyway, I’ll take the gift card. Then I simply take my weekly grocery cash and apply it to whatever I was planning on doing with the money.

Another fee we always see is on prepaid debit cards. I personally use the Walmart money card because there are a ton of ways I don’t have to pay a dime to have it. I just deposit money in my regular checking account and draft it to the card. Or, I load it up at a Walmart. No fees. Even if the fees are $3, do it 10 times over the course of the year and that’s $30 out of your hard earned money.

What tips do you have to help fight the fees? Leave them below!


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