Thrifty Thursday: Free Money

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Thrifty Thursday with Free Money

Thrifty Thursday

Who doesn’t love free money? Whether you take online surveys (go to to find out more about this), refer friends to a service, switch energy suppliers, look into rebates, or use coupon codes, there are so many ways you can earn free money online! Here’s this week’s episode of Thrifty Thursday. Over the last week, you’ve seen us post about the Visa Gift Card deals and the Olay Rebates. This is a great way to get free money for stuff you already buy – Rebates! The majority of people do not redeem rebates, which is why so many times they are so high. Over the holidays last year, I bought an antivirus program for my computer that was free after rebate. I paid $45, and got a $45 rebate. These are free money offers, and they are great for adding to your grocery budget for meat and produce.

However, just because gift card deals are always around, doesn’t mean they’re worth it. As much as I love Target, they are notorious for it. Is it worth it to buy 2 packages of $15 toilet paper to get a $5 gift card? Not in my opinion. Especially because the coupons for said toilet paper are 25 cents. I would let that one go.

Thrifty Thursday – Gift Cards & Flyers

I tend to watch the sales flyers. If I can get something at or very close to my stockpile price and get something free out of the deal, the majority of the time I do it. I did the Visa Rebate at Stop & Shop twice. Now, there’s about 40 Powerades in my basement. Is that excessive? Nope. Because they were at my stockpile price, they don’t usually go on sale throughout the winter and 40 of them will only last us about 5-6 weeks. If they run it again in this week’s flyer, you can bet I’ll go pick more up to get another $10 for free.

Gift cards are also a great way to either save for something for yourself, or give out at the holidays. Everyone I knew last year got a $10 Amex gift card when CVS ran that promotion. I kept a couple in my car for emergencies and put the rest in everyone’s stockings. Same thing with the gas cards. I love when those deals run.

Store Rebates

Don’t forget about the office store rebates! Just another weapon for thrifty Thursday. Office Max is running a 100% rebate on backpacks for school. You can use those rewards to stock up on free printer ink. Staples has a similar program. Plus, Staples gives you $2 for every ink cartridge you bring in and 10% back on ones you purchase. It all adds up!

Many stores offer promotions when you buy a $50 gift card. I always check and see if a gas card applies for the bonus. Many stores offer a $10 Catalina when you buy a $50 gift card. The gas cards (when they apply) are great because there’s no fee, so you get the whole $10. If they don’t, I buy a Visa ($54.95) and end up with $60, so I’m still making money on the deal.

Don’t forget to fill out your rebate forms and send them in! I put mine with my bills for the week if I don’t have time to fill them out right when I get home. That way, they don’t sit long past the mail-in deadline.

Do you make money on rebates? ~Brianne

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