Voucher That for Thrifty Thursday

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Do You Voucher That?

Voucher That Stores

Have a hard time finding some discounts? Voucher that! I like to think that all couponers have the same frame of mind. We like to save money on just about everything. Whether it’s grocery shopping, back to school shopping, kids clothes; we shop the sales. Well, some things just don’t go on sale. How about baby carriers? How about stuff for kids? How about Omaha Steaks? If you know where to look, you can get discount vouchers for just about anything. There are some great sites like Groupon, Mamasource, Half Off Depot, and more that offer vouchers for items that don’t usually go on sale. Some of them run on cycles like grocery stores. Others come and go for a while and then disappear altogether. Learning to pull the trigger on these is tricky. Here are some tips.

Tips To “Voucher That”
  1. Make sure you sign up to receive daily emails from these sites. They all run deals local to your area (think restaurants, car washes, or massages), as well as national ones (think big – like airline voucher big. Yes, that big. I bought one).
  2. If it’s a big voucher that you think may not come around again, check the dates. I bought the airline voucher with no idea when I was going to travel. I didn’t want to miss out. Before I purchased, I saw that I had one year to book and another year to fly. Surely I could figure out in a year when I’d be able to travel. Most vouchers from Mamasource are good for 6-12 months. Groupon has dates for each offer.
  3. This is the same thing we talk about in grocery couponing. Will you use it? Just because you can score a $50 voucher to somewhere like diapers.com for $10, should you buy it? Not if you won’t use it.


Vouchers can save you big money on items you have been saving for or need. They can also allow you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford (vacations, etc). Make sure you read the fine print on all offers. I know the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” However, it honestly doesn’t apply here. Some of these offers are just that good. I promise. So go ahead and voucher that!


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