Coupons – Time to Use them at Walgreens & Target

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Using Coupons at Walgreens & Target

Coupons at Walgreens & Target

I had a pretty stellar shopping trip with coupons today! I really wanted to make sure I could use all of the great coupons I had from Insert Insanity so I headed out and was pleased to see stocked shelves and joyful cashiers who were having as much fun as I was seeing the total for my trip decline!

First off, I had pre-ordered sixty of the Big Bags of Nabisco snacks as I did not want to clear any shelves and they were there, all ready for me to pick up from Walgreens. I also picked up 8 boxes of Kleenex! Out of Pocket $6.40 after coupons with a $2 RR Back (a savings of 65.00!!). These snack bags will be donated to Cub Scouts and our Church for the kiddos!

Target was a successful trip too with a $95.00 bill, but only $34.00 out of pocket! This consisted of 8 bags of Purina One Dog Food, 15 packages of Tuna, 3 jars of pasta sauce, 8 bottles of White Out, and a clearance gift set of AXE Body Sprays. My total out of pocket expense was $41.18 with a total savings of $126.19!! Sweet!

The best thing about this was the text message I got from my husband after I sent him this picture! Β He said “Great Job, honey using your coupons! Thank you for doing this for our family!!” xoxox


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Happy Couponing Everyone!


  1. Looks like a great trip. I wish I had one of the Super Targets my normal Target has very limited groceries.

  2. Nice haul! Details please??? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great Trip! Wondering what the selling price of the Purina One is at Target?. I was getting it for $.49 last week at Shop Rite after the coupon.

  4. Susan Clark says

    Great trip. I know the scouts will love those cookies. Can you break it down to what coupons you used? Please πŸ™‚

  5. the dog food isnt cheap. its like $7.69 a bag. one thing that bothers me ( not saying you did this ) but I have seen people in my local Wm clear the shelves of the dog food because of the $5.00 off coupon. I am all in favor of saving money here is my issue. please PLEASE dont take all of them because that is all my dog can eat ( stupid i know whatever ) so now I am having a hard time even getting the dog food for him and I am paying full price for it .Thanks for letting me vent for a min. you did a fantastic job and I hope I can do the same some day.

  6. πŸ™‚ Great job — always nice to pay it forward



  9. Rebecca S. says

    this is an awesome trip! good job!!

  10. awesome — wish my walgreens would allow to preorder.

  11. desiree dunham says

    Love it awesome job

  12. It’s always a super day when you save tons of money and are able to make a nice donation to a worthy group! Great job Melissa!

  13. you have a very cooperative walgreens manager πŸ™‚

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