Too Cool to Coupon? Not Anymore!

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Are you “too cool” to coupon?  I used to be!

couponYes, I used to think only annoying old ladies used coupons.  I thought to myself, I don’t have time for coupons.  All the clipping, organizing, filing, remembering to take them to the store with me, bla, bla, bla…. No thanks! I really didn’t think couponing would make that much of a difference.  I didn’t want people to think I was being “cheap.” I thought I was “too cool” to coupon.

When I first heard about The Coupon Wizards website, I honestly didn’t give it too much thought.  With two little girls and a busy schedule, I figured I had too much on my mind to worry about something else that would take my time away from me.  For months, I was oblivious.  Since David is my brother-in-law I would hear all the stories from my husband, Jon, about all the money that was being saved and all the people who were actually having coupons change their lifestyle.  I would look over the match ups and read through the site, thinking OK, I need to figure this out, but I still didn’t commit.  I still thought – couponing is not for me.  I don’t understand it, it’s too complicated, I don’t have time…I used every excuse in the book!

Deciding to Learn to Coupon

Then Jon and I decided to sit down together, dive into the site, and after several calls to David and Andrea, we worked on giving it a shot.  We started small, a trip to the grocery store with two inserts from our weekly paper.  Our first shopping trip was a small success.  We didn’t quite know what we were doing. I still wasn’t convinced.

Around that same time, we started getting inserts from Insert Insanity.  I looked at the inserts like they were going to bite me!  A week or so later, I tried to go out again.  Just a little advice, when just starting with couponing, don’t take your children!  My trip was a disaster.  I was confused, my cashier was rude, and my two girls were acting like they were from another planet! I actually left the store in tears and I walked out without buying anything!  I left a whole cart full of stuff.  I swore I was done with the couponing!  But, a few days later, CVS had a Skintimate Shave Cream deal and after talking to Andrea, I headed out (alone!) with my coupons all in a row and I left the store with free shave creams!  After that, I felt so good about myself and I was hooked.  I began to really invest my time into learning the magic of coupons.  Small victories!

Coupon Together

Now, Jon and I spend time together every Saturday with the Safeway flyer going through and matching up coupons.  We go to the grocery store together ( I HATE the grocery store) and we work together to make sure we have everything right.  He works the numbers and I hold the coupons!  We have saved close to 50% (and sometimes more) on our groceries every single trip!  We keep the receipts so that we can look them over when we feel like skipping out on the coupons!  We have a medium sized stockpile of only the things we know for sure we will use.  It feels amazing to have a stock pile of groceries, but my favorite is the cleaning supplies and toiletries!

Now, when I tell my friends about my couponing, some of them look at me like I am nuts.  Many of them turn their noses up at me.  They are “too cool” to coupon.  I just have to smile because the joke is on them!  If being “cool” is just tossing your cash to the winds, then I guess now I’m not very cool!



  1. Gale Kelly says

    Love your article. For the most part I go shopping ALONE… because as I tell my husband whenever he would accompany me…. “Shhhh I have to concentrate!” Especially when I am checking out. I have been couponing for close to 6 months Wizard style and it has certainly changed my way of doing things.

  2. Vicki Oliver says

    I loved your article. I always shop with at least 1 of my kids, preferably the baby. I have to beg and plead with my hubby to come to the store with me. He loves the fact that i coupon and save us money but absolutely hates the stores. I have been couponing the wizard way for about 6 months now and it’s definitely made a difference in my life. I’m not running out once a month to buy BW, or hair spray or something little because i already have a nice free or close to free stock pile of it in my house.

  3. love this article. So true.

  4. I can’t take my hubby either. He’s constantly throwing things in the cart that I don’t have a coupon for. He just thinks it’s funny, blah!

  5. Coupon Erin says

    My mom used to make fun of me for caring scissors in my purse & now she asks to use them! My husband likes to tease me about using coupons, but I found out he also likes to brag about it to friends. It is worth it! I’m not going to say you dont get burnt out every now & then, but when ever you take home those free items, it gives you the motivation to keep at it. I love free! This site has help me so much in the last 9 months. I love it!

  6. Elaine Spink says

    I really enjoyed reading your article. First may I say, it was very well written. I know that a couple of my friends and most of my family does not use coupons! They actually have my posts hidden on FB, because I like to share them no matter if it’s just one of them or many of them. I too, never used coupons until I came to TCW on FB. I am so grateful that I did, not only am I saving a lot of money, I have met wonderful people! The Wizards have brought a lot of joy into my life. I had to stop working back in 2000 and now I feel as though have a part time job! I love it here and I am so very thankful for David, Andrea, the other Wizards and wizkids! Thank you for sharing your story and it’s very nice to meet you! 🙂

  7. Jeria,
    Great article. I used to think the same thing 15 years ago and when I was shopping w/my mom. But, now I’ve been doing it for sooo long that it’s like having to clean clothes. It’s a must. I take my whole crew w/me as my hubby works alot. Maybe 4-5 times out of a year I may be childless. It doesn’t bother me that they are w/me. It keeps me sane and they’re learning as we go along. I do everything before we go and some things may pop up; but, they better fit into the budget. If the hubby does come w/he may add something; but, then I tell him if we are over budget it’s his fault, LOL. It usually just turns out to be his coffee or something simpler. But, it’s ok as he works hard and never buys anything for himself. He always takes care of us before him and I always take care of him before me, LOL. We both win, LOL.

  8. I wished I’d started couponing years ago. Great article. I’m still learning, but it’s getting better every week.

  9. Randi Greene says

    Great article! My hubby is in it 110% with me and it’s great to have such a devoted couponing partner. I never thought it wasn’t cool to coupon, I just didn’t realize the impact it could have. Once I saw what it could do for our household I was on board. We have made lots of mistakes, but nothing beats that feeling when you walk out of the store with 10 boxes of pasta and you didn’t pay anything for it!

  10. Love it. I know plenty of people like this. Most are young cashiers but they are always amazed at my deals.

  11. Jeria, Great article!! I can really relate to you! 🙂

  12. Crystal Boynton says

    Great article and so true!!! I know a lot who are “too cool” to save money. I just don’t get it!

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