Outgrown Crib? Turn it into a Child’s Desk

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Turn an Outgrown Crib into a Child’s Desk

What an amazing idea – turn an outgrown crib into a child’s desk! Having had triplets, we definitely have a few extra cribs in storage. I know for a fact that we will not be having any more babies, I just haven’t been able to part with them. Then I saw an amazing picture of a crib turned into a child’s desk and instantly decided to convert one of our cribs into a desk!

outgrown crib

What You Will Need for Your Outgrown Crib:

  • A crib with a removable drop side
  • Particle board cut to fit inside crib
  • Chalkboard Paint

1. First, remove the drop side panel of the crib and adjust the base to the highest (newborn) settings. Then measure the space between the side brackets, that make up the mattress support. I did not measure this space and went by the standard crib mattress size and ended up having to have it re-cut.

2. Select your piece of plywood/particleboard. If you purchase your piece of particleboard at Lowe’s, they will cut it down to size for free. The local hardware store charges per minute. Then paint the board with chalkboard paint. I did 3 coats of paint with a roller.

3. Place board inside the outgrown crib and use your imagination to decorate! I used Command hooks since they leave no residue when removed to hang items. I found some small buckets, in the $1 section at Target, to use for crayons and chalk. The box used to hold paper was from an old toy shelf that we no longer have. The art supply caddy came from a local school supply shop.

The kids love having a special area to create! I have even caught the older kids drawing pictures. The best part, it can easily be transformed back into a crib.


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