Turn Your Junk Into Cash- Let the Pros Sell For You!

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Every time I go look around my house, I see piles of money. NO, it’s not what you think! Piles of money that have been spent on things that are sitting here collecting dust. Piles of money that could be made if I got rid of the things we already aren’t using. That said, there’s always an excuse. Maybe something has sentimental value. Maybe I don’t make it a priority. Maybe I truly don’t have the time. Guess what?


I found a new service called eBay valet! This isn’t for the people that are already eBay pros. This isn’t for the people that have the ability to take the time to list things on Craigslist, online yard sales or community affairs. This is for people like me that have time to do one thing: cram my junk in a prepaid postage box and let someone who’s an eBay professional sell it.

How much does this cost me? NOTHING out of my pocket. I pay by giving them a commission on what they list and sell. I don’t even have to pay for the prepaid shipping label that is delivered to me via email! Some people may be cautious and worry about “not getting paid” or their stuff “not getting listed”. Guess what? You aren’t getting paid now! This stuff isn’t getting listed now! At the very least, this may be a turning point for some of you to stick your toe in the water and try to sell your first box!

The service is very easy to use and virtually painless. You can even get the kids involved and help them put some money in their piggy bank. As you are looking for ways to declutter this spring while building up your cash emergency fund, SELL SOMETHING! Not only can you get your emergency fund funded, you can pay down your debt.


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