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Un Paper Towels guest post by Jacci Leslie.

Un Paper Towels

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Ever heard of Un Paper Towels? Well, are you suffering during this shortage of paper products? Do you find yourself going to the store everyday just to see if they have toilet paper or paper towels in? Or maybe you have just decided that it is time to stop wasting money on these products and/or you want to do your part to help out the environment by creating less waste. There are reusable options for these items as well as many others.

My Un Paper Towels Come in Many Varieties

I have been using un paper towels and cloth napkins for several years now. Michele calls them my “Little House on the Prairie” towels. We do keep a few rolls in the house because we have a septic tank and I don’t want to put grease into it (or my sink or washing machine). So, when we make bacon, I will lay it on a paper towel to cool, and then use that same paper towel to wipe the hardened grease out of the pan and just toss. But for wiping up a spill or drying hands, we use the un paper towels and at the table, cloth napkins. I make several different varieties of these towels. There is single layer flannel which can be kept in a basket on the counter or you can roll them onto a paper towel holder since the flannel will stick to itself; no need for snaps.  I also have some 2-layer un paper towels: some are cotton/flannel, and some are cotton terry. These can also be folded or rolled onto a paper towel holder. If you want to roll these onto a paper towel holder, they would do better with snaps (which I can add on for you).

I also make flannel wipes.  They are 8×8 and come in both single and double layer. I started making them as baby wipes when my 14-year-old daughter was born. I used cloth diapers for her, so it made sense to use cloth wipes. I sold them on eBay for years and then I took a break for 5 or 6 years and am once again selling them on my website, Cute Cloth Creations. This time I have them available in baby prints, as well as adult prints. These are multipurpose. They can be used as cloth napkins, washcloths, tissues, make up removers (although I do have small round make-up removers on the site as well), cleaning rags, baby wipes, and yes, they can even be used as reusable toilet paper (also known as Family Cloth).

Many people will use Family Cloths just for #1, however, if you pair them with a bidet that hooks up to the toilet, you are basically just drying off with either #1 or #2 messes. We just keep a little basket beside the toilet and throw them in with towels to wash. (We do keep a few rolls of regular TP in the house for guests). When I was running WizClipz from my home, I kept a basket on the bathroom counter for my team members to use to dry their hands and toss into a basket, rather than having a communal hand towel or having to change it out every time someone used the restroom. There are a variety of prints to choose from, so each person can have their own print or you could have different prints/solids for different purposes.

Introducing the Un Sponge

Like the Un Towels, I also have Un-Sponges. These are a layer of either cotton or flannel and a layer of terry. Inside is a material called Nu-Foam.  It is what is used to make porch cushions so it doesn’t get moldy or musty. I toss mine into the wash at the end of the day because even though the inside won’t get musty, the fabric does after a couple days, just as a regular dishcloth would.

jaccis bibs & stuffI also make bibs, both for babies, adults and for special needs. There are only a few baby ones listed, but I have added a bunch that are designed for adults/special needs teens. They are great not only for the elderly and special needs, but if your job requires you to travel from place to place and you like to stop and eat between meetings/appointments, you know it really sucks to have to meet with your next client/customer with a ketchup spot or taco sauce on your shirt.

I am starting to dabble with aprons and decorative kitchen towels as well, so I will get those added to the site as I get a few finished. Feel free to browse around the site and I’m always open to suggestions 😊 Use the code Frugal to save 10% off your entire order on Cute Cloth Creations today.

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