Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items

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Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items

uncommon uses for everyday itemsMy post on dryer sheets last week got me to thinking about other uncommon uses for everyday items around the house. My favorite magazine in the world is Real Simple. They have all kinds of interesting articles on organizing, time management, cooking, cleaning tips and more. My favorite column though is the one they call “New Uses for Old Things” where they take an everyday household product and give you several other ways of using it. I clip these articles each month and keep them so when I can’t think of how to recycle something, or remember where I read it, I refer to my file.

I thought it would be cool to share some of those tips with you every now and again so you can start your own file. These are some of the ones I’ve used myself recently. I’ve taken my everyday items and used them for these uncommon uses and they each worked like a charm. After you’ve read them, add your own ideas to the comments. You never know, they may just make it into an upcoming post.

Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items

Aluminum Foil Instead of Brillo

Can’t think of a decent use for all those used pieces of foil? Rather than taking an S.O.S. pad to those stuck-on stains, ball up a used piece of foil, squirt on some dish soap and scrub off with ease.

Brooches as Picture Holders

Have a bunch of broken or unworn brooches laying around? Snip off the pin part with wire cutters, glue a magnet on the back and voila! Instant pretty magnets for the fridge. Use them to hold up your shopping lists, your kids’ artwork, upcoming party invites and more.

Eliminate the Soggy Part of Roast Chicken chicken roaster

Love to roast chicken but don’t like the soggy bottom part? Use a Bundt cake pan next time. Layer the bottom of the pan with your carrots, potatoes and onions, season the chicken and place it vertically on top, with the cavity over the center hole. Place a cookie sheet underneath all to catch any drippings from the cavity. This time your bird will be crispy all over.

Recycle Used Chop Sticks

Once you’ve finished with your Chinese takeout, wash the chop sticks and put one in the flour canister. Next time you’re baking, when it comes time to level the flour in the measuring cup, grab your handy dandy chop stick from the canister and go to town. No more reaching for and dirtying a knife.

Coasters as Drip Catchers

The next time you visit a restaurant that uses those throwaway cardboard coasters, grab a few clean ones and use them in your cupboards & fridge. Set them underneath those sticky jars, like honey, jam and syrup. No more scrubbing down cabinets & shelving to relieve them of the gooey stuff!

Wine Strainer

The next time bits of cork end up in the wine bottle, don’t toss the wine or suffer through cork pieces, filter it instead. All you need is a carafe, or other similar vessel, a funnel and a filter. Grab the funnel, place a paper filter inside and strain out the cork pieces as you pour it into the carafe.

cake decorationsWow Your Guests

The next time you bake a cake, stun your guests with beautiful designs. Take a cookie cutter and place it on top of your cake. Fill in the shape with powdered sugar, sprinkles, cocoa powder, etc. Once you lift the cookie cutter, you’ll be left with nothing but pretty decorations. Your guests will think you took a cake decorating class!

No More Messy Candle Cleanups

Before you drop the candlestick into its next holder, lightly coat the inside of the holder with cooking spray. Drop in the candle and enjoy. When it comes time to change the candle out, the remaining wax will slip out with ease.

Remember to leave a comment with your own tips. I’ll start a Wiz Kid file and may even feature yours in an upcoming post. Always keep in mind; better to recycle than to toss. Use your everyday items for uncommon uses and you’ll be doing the environment, and your wallet, a favor.

Until next time, Shop Happy ~ Michele

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