Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items 3

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Uncommon Uses

uncommon uses for everyday itemsIt’s time for another edition of Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items. I just love these tips I get from perusing around the web, from you guys, and of course, my favorite magazine, Real Simple. The only one I pay for! Not only can you save a bunch of money by reusing things around the house, but it’s great for the environment too! Don’t add it to the landfill, find another use for that item.


Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items

Paper Rolls as Extension Cord Tamers (submitted by Wiz Kid Miranda G.)
A great use for all those toilet tissue and paper towel rolls; you know those cardboard tubes we usually just throw away? Roll up your extension cords and place them inside the tube to keep them corralled and neat. I used to keep all my extension cords in a little basket in the closet with rubber bands. Now I keep them in these rolls. Works like a charm!

Refill Swiffer WetJet Bottles on the Cheap (submitted by Wiz Kid Shanna H.)
If you have a Swiffer WetJet you use, don’t keep buying those expensive refill bottles. Refill them yourself at home! Place the cap of the empty bottle in boiling water for about 30 seconds and it will unscrew allowing you to refill it with you choice of cleaners. Shanna uses hot water and vinegar, but whatever you use to clean around the house will do. You can also use a micro fiber cloth or old rag instead of buying the refill pads. What a great idea!

Shoe Box OrganizerUncommon Uses for Everyday Items
A new use for all those cardboard shoe boxes the shoe stores insist you take. Cut off the sides and use them to organize your lingerie drawers. Section off the garments within the drawer by putting a shoe box side between the groupings. Keeps everything nice and tidy. This can work in any clothing drawer actually, but works great on all those fine intimates that usually end up tangled.

Binder Clips as Garbage Bag Holders
Sick of your garbage bag constantly slipping down inside the can? Secure the top of the bag to the bin with two or three binder clips. No more fishing out the contents and the bag.

Muffin Tins Make Jumbo Ice Cubes
If you don’t like a watery drink, you’re not alone. Solve that problem with jumbo ice cubes. Fill a muffin tin with water and freeze like an ice cube tray. When they’re frozen, simply run hot water over the back of the pan for 30 seconds or so and viola! Jumbo ice cubes that won’t water down your iced tea as quickly.

Uncommon Uses for Everyday ItemsScramble for a Group on the Quick
Having a bunch of guests over for the holidays and not looking forward to breakfast? Scramble a whole mess of eggs at one time using a roasting pan. Crack open a couple dozen eggs and cook them in a jiff using the roaster as you would a fry pan. No more keeping each batch warm as you scramble up enough.

Expired Suntan Lotion? Waste Naught
Don’t throw out that expired sunscreen just yet. Use it as a shave lotion instead. While it will no longer protect you from those nasty UV rays, it will work to keep your legs moisturized while you shave. No more razor burn and no more wasting all that expired lotion.

Keep the tips coming. Send them to me at michele(at)coupon-wizards(dot)com or leave a comment below and you just may see your tip in an upcoming edition!

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  1. If you have one of those Lysol no touch soup things, don’t spend 4.00 on the refills. Take the empty one out, use a butter knife and pop the top off. Use one of our cheap or free hand soaps we get all the time and refill it, pop the top back on, and put back in!

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