Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items 4

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Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items

uncommon uses for everyday itemsIt’s time for another edition of Uncommon Uses for Everyday Items. I just love these tips I get from perusing around the web, from you guys, and of course, my favorite magazine, Real Simple. The only one I pay for! Not only can you save a bunch of money by reusing things around the house, but it’s great for the environment too! Don’t add it to the landfill, find another use for that item.


Potato Masher for More than Just Spuds

Not only can you use your masher for creamy smashed potatoes, but all sorts of foods around the kitchen. Tomatoes for sauces, bananas for bread, avocado for guacamole and the list goes on. Try it on spinach from the freezer that you’re trying to extract water from. You’ll never put your masher down!

Hair Elastics as Stocking Corral-ers

Roll up pairs of stockings, tights or leggings and secure with a hair elastic. You’ll never have to go searching for each item again. Even the non-separated version could use some help with this. Roll them up tight to save room in your drawer. Want to be even more organized? Store them by color and/or texture or type to make finding what you need a snap.

Revamp Dry Cleaner Hangers with Padding

Not sure what to do with all those wiry dry cleaner hangers you get back from your vendor, but not keen on using them for your wardrobe? Wrap bubble wrap around the wire and voila; instant padding to keep your garments in shape and no more wasteful tossing. Alternatively, bring them back to the dry cleaner on your next visit. Less waste for you, less OOP on supplies for them.

Binder Clips; More than Just Paper Containers

Binder clips have so many useful purposes other than keeping your papers together. Use them to seal up the chip bag, frozen veggies in the freezer, paper grocery sacks, rubber bands in the junk drawer; the list goes on and on! No more purchasing those plastic clips for this purpose. Reuse what you already have sitting around your desk.

Cupcake Liners as Tea Light Holders

Having an outdoor gathering? Set the tables aglow, and provide some extra lighting, with some simple tea lights set in foil cupcake liners. Tea lights are super cheap and when it comes to cleanup, how much easier could it be?

Oatmeal in Your Skin Care Routine

Have some instant unsweetened oatmeal sitting around, past its expiration date? Use it for a facial instead. Add some warm water to it, mix and apply to your face for 5 to 10 minutes. It will soothe and hydrate your skin, just like the “big boys,” but how much cheaper this is! Word of caution though; don’t exit the bathroom as it’s working or you just may leave a trail of oatmeal along the way.

De-gunk Your Mascara Wand

The next time you have to clean off your mascara wand of the clumps don’t use a Kleenex that will leave behind a ton of lint. Remember the last present you received? Reuse the gift-wrapping tissue for this purpose and the mascara wand will be cleaned without all the fuzzy stuff left behind.

Wintertime Flower Box Pines

Know all those flower boxes underneath your windows that look pretty barren come wintertime? Replace the dead flowers with pretty pine cones or other wintertime treasures that require no maintenance from you and spruce up those boxes all year round.

Uncommon Uses Flower Box

Keep the tips coming. Send them to me at michele(at)coupon-wizards(dot)com or leave a comment below and you just may see your tip in an upcoming edition!
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